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Dumpster Diving

by 6am

Chapter 2
Aside from the general problems that would come with having a violent drunk of a mother for the majority of his young life, Saeran now fully understands why he and his brother were never allowed to have pets as children.

This cat is a handful.

Unknown: how can something so small

Unknown: shit so much

Unknown: there's exponentially more shit than to what he's eaten

Unknown: he's sneezed 6 times in the past 5 minutes


707: TAINTED!!!!!

707: I still love him

707: he even sneezed in my mouth!

The kitten - Stinky to MC and Yoosung, Elly to Saeyoung (despite the constant reminders of Yoosung and MC that this is a boy kitten and Jumin's threats of naming something that was found in the trash after his precious, perfect being) and simply “The cat” to Jaehee and Zen - is currently snuffling around in the small plastic bin turned litterbox that's sitting in the corner of the kitchen. Saeran and Yoosung have graciously taken the responsibility of kitten duty over cleaning the couch.

“If you put it in here it should keep him from going anywhere else.” Yoosung offers as Saeyoung continues to be dramatic over the mess that's been made on his couch. “He's just a baby! He doesn't know any better yet.”

“Your couch is disgusting, anyway.” Saeran mutters, reaching to push the kitten back down the side of the litterbox he's trying to escape. A glove comes flying in from the living room with a shout of “it is not!” And Saeran nearly falls over with a yelp to avoid being slapped with the dirty glove. “Don't throw that shit at me!!”

MC barely contains a giggle as she comes over with a wad of paper towels. “It was one we didn't use.” She kneels down beside the litterbox and deposits the contents of the paper towel with a grimace and covers the mess with litter. “How often does he need to go in here? I'd rather not have to move his... stuff in here for him.”

Stinky finally escapes the confines of the bin, his tail high in the air as he toddles over to Yoosung's knee. “Not like he's going to stay in here for very long.” Saeran says. “Where do we even keep him? Should we just find another box?”

“He can sleep with me!” Saeyoung cheers, pulling off his gloves to put them in the trash. “It'll be perfect, he can sleep on my pillow.” He takes the spot on the floor between MC and Yoosung, leaning a little closer to Stinky. “Don't you wanna sleep with us? My bed is super comfy~ and MC loves to cuddle!”

“He can do that when he doesn't smell so bad.” MC makes a face, but reaches over to pet the kitten when her fiancé scoops him up to press kisses to his belly. “Why don't we let him sleep in Saeran's room? He probably likes him more anyway.”

Saeran snorts and rolls his eyes. “No thanks. We can just keep him out here at night, you'd probably smother him in the middle of the night.” He turns his gaze to Saeyoung, who looks deeply offended.

“I would never! I cherish my little Elly's life.”

“Stinky.” Yoosung corrects. “And I don't think Saeran is wrong, MC says you move around too much in your sleep.”

Saeyoung's shocked face doesn't drop as he turns to MC, somehow looking even more scandalized, but MC only nods. “You do. I can't tell you how many times you've kicked me in your sleep or rolled on top of me.”

“That was one time,” He sighs into Stinky's fur. “...maybe twice.”

Yoosung pulls his phone from his pocket and flips it open, the buttons clicking softly as he scrolls through text messages. “Last week: 'He just kicked me AGAIN'. At two in the morning.” MC laughs when he pitches his voice higher as he reads her texts, and Saeyoung smushes his face more against the kitten despite his wriggling. “Five days ago: 'Oh my god he's talking in his sleep AND kicking' and then there's three crying emojis. Three days ago: 'pls save me I don't know how much more my knees can take.' at midnight. Yesterday-”

Saeyoung kicks Yoosung and pinches him with his toes. “Maybe three times! I can't believe I'm being attacked in my own home.” All of their phones buzz at the same time, and Saeyoung laughs when Stinky starts in his hands at the collective sound.

Jaehee Kang: Can we please change the subject.

Jaehee Kang: Yoosung, can you not just take the kitten in?

Jaehee Kang: I feel like it would be in better hands with you.

Jaehee Kang: No offense to MC and Saeran.

707: What about me????

Jaehee Kang: Full offense to Saeyoung.

707: Jaehee T_T

707: I'm hurt.

Yoosung★: I would, but my dorm doesn't allow pets.

Yoosung★: And he can't just stay at the clinic...

ZEN: Put it back in the dumpster.

MC: That's a little harsh, Zen;;;

707: we can't abandon our child!!!

Yoosung★: He'd be fine here! I think he likes Saeran better anyway.

Saeran looks up from his phone and gives Yoosung an exasperated look. “Don't speak for me.”

“Oh, come on! You're the one that rescued him, Stinky will be happier here than anywhere else. He's got a family now!”

“Yeah! Who needs a momma cat when you have a daddy cat?” MC adds, snickering at the look that falls over her brother-in-law-to-be's face.

“Do not. Ever call me that again. He'd like Saeyoung or you better than me anyway.”

Yoosung has the same look on his face that he did earlier when he was struck with inspiration for naming the cat. Saeran has now learned to be afraid of this face. “We can let Stinky decide! Hyung, let go of him for a second and scoot back.”

Saeyoung pushes himself back, scooting on his bottom so that there's a few feet between him and his brother. “The ultimate test! A battle of love!”

Yoosung and MC also scoot to leave the line between the two open, and Yoosung places the kitten in the middle. “Alright, Stinky, go!” Yoosung cheers, and MC lifts her hands over her head with a cheer.

Stinky looks confused at all the noise and sniffs at the floor, more focused on sneezing than Saeyoung making kissy face at the kitten while tapping on the floor. Saeran hasn't moved, and he watches carefully, hoping that the kitten actually turns toward his brother eventually. He isn't trying to get his attention at all, he hopes that his glare can somehow scare the kitten away and - oh. Oh fuck.

Stinky is on the move.

Directly toward Saeran.

“Oh my god.” He groans, tempted to just push the kitten over to this brother. The tiny puff of white stops at his knee, meowing cutely as he struggles to climb up his pants. Saeyoung bemoans this “betrayal” and falls completely back on the floor as Saeran comes to terms with his fate.


Despite his initial anxiety over the situation, Saeran finds that having a cat is weirdly enjoyable.

Saeran hasn't had many things to himself in his life, and the few he's had weren't exactly too enjoyable or worth much. He's still hit with waves of fear of accidentally hurting him even after a week of Stinky living with them in the bunker, but even with the need to spend almost half an hour sitting near the litterbox (now an actual litterbox instead of a tub found in the garage) to make sure that no more couch incidents are to be had, Saeran is growing more fond of the little thing as time goes on. He denies this, of course, any time MC or Saeyoung make comments about their growing relationship.

Stinky likes to curl up in his lap whenever possible, whether it's on the couch while he and MC catch up on trashy television dramas while Saeyoung comments on how ridiculous things sound from his spot at the table while he tinkers with toy designs and functions - or when Saeran is actually helping his brother by double-checking the code for toys or carefully assembling parts. Stinky is too curious for his own good when the twins are working, and he just climbs up Saeran's pants when he sets the kitten down on the floor. More often than not the kitten is quite relaxed and more than content to watch the world around him from wherever he's sprawled out. It's when Stinky gets a little too close for comfort with the soldering iron that Saeran has had enough.

“Alright, asshole.” Stinky makes a 'brrp' sound as he's lifted from the table and put into the hood of Saeran's zip-up jacket. He points a serious finger at the squirming lump in his hood. “Stay right there, fucker.”

He ignores Saeyoung's laughter and cooing, giving him the most hateful glare he can muster while Stinky takes it upon himself to groom his owner's unruly hair after sneezing into it. “Look at you two, best friends already.” The bits of cat limbs Saeyoung has been fiddling with for the past hour are fully abandoned on the table and he picks up his phone. “Say 'cheese'!”

Saeran glares at the camera, ignoring the sneeze that comes from behind his head.

Stinky actually ends up enjoying his position in Saeran's hood more than he had anticipated after sticking him in there the first time. Not like it's a problem, the kitten isn't really living up to his namesake anymore and the little bundle of warmth resting against the nape of his neck is comforting. It also leaves his hands free instead of being full of cat when Stinky wants attention - which is often. He's learned which meows and pats against his neck are for attention and which bites and cries are reminders that a stop by the litterbox needs to be made; which is much less annoying now that the kitten has finally learned where it's okay to poop.

Once Stinky graduates from needing near constant surveillance he gains free roam of the bunker, pattering around quietly save for his bright green collar with a bell on it jingling as he explores his new home. Saeyoung is delighted any time he is "chosen", dropping whatever he's doing to squat down and scoop Stinky up into his arms and pitching his voice high to talk to him. Saeran has mastered the art of blocking out the baby talk after a couple years of having to deal with his brother and future sister-in-law having no filter for PDA, but he still likes to complain about it just to get under their skin.

The one thing he does have a problem with, however, is the rapid increase of pictures of himself in the group chat.

-707 has shared an image.-

707: looooook at himmmmm

-707 has shared an image.-

-707 has shared an image.-

707: two beautiful boys...

Unknown: I'm going to delete every picture you send I swear to god.

Unknown: When did you even take that second one???

MC: Don't delete the pictures :(((

Yoosung★: but you two are so cute!!!!

Yoosung★: I told you Stinky would be happy ^^

ZEN: There is nothing cute about that thing.

Jumin Han: Incorrect.

Jumin Han: Every cat is beautiful.

ZEN: It's literally from a dumpster.

ZEN: I'm being assaulted by cat pictures every day now...

ZEN: I've had three allergy attacks just in the past 24 hours...

Unknown: You'll live.

MC: Yeah, cheer up Zen!

MC: Stinky is cute ^^

Jumin Han: Of course he is.

Jumin Han: Although, his name is atrocious.

Jumin Han: A cat should be held to the highest standards and have a name to match.

Jumin Han: Saeran, I can give you better name suggestions if you are interested. (=චᆽච=)

Unknown: He was in a dumpster I think Stinky is fine.

Unknown: Fucker suits him better though.

MC: ;;;;;;

707: RUDE!!!!!

ZEN: I do like that name better.

Unknown: See?

Unknown: He follows me everywhere, he's always crawling on me too.

Yoosung★: That's because he likes you!!!

Yoosung★: Kittens like to cuddle with their friends, and you're like his mom now anyway.

MC: Motherhood is a big responsibility, Saeran.

707: it's true, it's true.

707: ask Jumin

Jumin Han: I am no one's mother.

Jumin Han: But.

Jumin Han: The blessing of a cat's companionship is the ultimate responsibility. (=චᆽච=)

Unknown: put that emoji away

Jaehee Kang: Seconded.

707: but Saeran (=චᆽච=)

707: Jaehee (=චᆽච=)

707: (=චᆽච=) (=චᆽච=) (=චᆽච=)

Saeran's reply to his brother is cut short by a meow, then Stinky's head pushing up against the back of his phone. He sets it on the arm of the couch without bothering to log out and welcomes the kitten up onto his lap. Tiny claws grip onto the fabric of his shirt with no regard for the flesh underneath, so Saeran pushes him up onto his shoulder to save himself any more scratches.

"Why do you even like me?" He grumbles, turning his head to side-eye Stinky. "Saeyoung actually plays with you, and MC let's you eat off her plate half the time." Stinky ignores him for the drawstring of the hoodie, batting at it with his tiny paws. "The only thing I did was pull you out of the trash, and you won't leave me alone."

"Meeeoww~. It's because I loooove Saeran, meow!" Saeyoung drawls out as he jumps over the back of the couch, stretching his arms high over his head while he kicks his feet up in his brother's lap. "How can you question the Great Stinky? He has chosen you as his protector! As his knight in shining armor! As his dadd-”

“Do not finish that sentence.” Saeran pushes his brother's feet off of his lap. “It's a cat. I don't think he's smart enough to make a decision; much less a good one.”

Saeyoung's expression turns from playful to thoughtful, and he kicks one of his feet up again to poke Saeran's thigh. “Beep beep. Beep beep.” He makes an obnoxious buzzing sound in the back of his throat, shaking the heel of his foot against his twin's forearm. “Beep beeeep.”

Stinky decides he's had enough of the foot being just out of his grasp, and he tucks himself into the spot between Saeran's neck and the back of the couch. The still present wheeze makes his purring sound a little strange.

“Stop making noise and get your feet off of me.” The foot stays away from him after he pushes it a second time, but Saeyoung continues to beep, putting the back of his hand against his forehead of wiggling his fingers.

“It's not me, it's the Twin Telepathy.” Saeyoung says seriously, still waving his fingers in front of his face. “C'mon, you talked to that cat like he could listen, and now I'm here to listen.”

“He isn't as obnoxious as you are.” The comeback doesn't have the bite that he wants it to have, but Saeyoung is blessedly quiet about it. They sit quietly for several minutes, the only sound being the soft rumble of Stinky's purring.

Saeyoung sighs, sinking further back into the corner of the couch. “Are you scared?”

Saeran rolls his eyes, picking his phone up again, watching the chat-room carry on without reading the conversation. “Why would I be scared of a cat?”

“Not like that, dude.” The older twin laughs a little, smiling just enough to make their talk less serious than he knows will make his brother comfortable. “I think you worry about him more than MC does - or Yoosung even - you pick him up like you're going to break him.”

Zen is talking about some gig he's gotten through an obscure sounding agent in the app, Stinky kneads the fabric of the jacket and sneezes twice.

“I don't want to hurt him.” Saeran says eventually, still watching his phone. “...I've only ever hurt things, I don't want to... but he's so small, and I'm always afraid that I'm going to do something wrong.” He logs out of the app without saying his goodbyes, a common enough occurrence that no one texts him anymore to ask where he went. “Even though you smother him half the time I don't play with him like you do, or like MC does. He should have picked either of you or even Yoosung over me.”

Saeyoung hums softly, pushing himself up so he can sit with his legs crossed. “Well you are the one who pulled him out of a dumpster, I think it would have been weird if he picked anyone else. Even if MC gives him a lot of treats and if I play with him when he finds me.” He rubs Stinky's head and lets his hand fall to rest on Saeran's shoulder. “I understand being nervous about him, since a lot has... happened over the past year or so. Like a lot. But I really don't think you'd ever hurt him even if you tried - not saying that you will.” He adds when Saeran gives him a look. “Even if you don't play with him it doesn't seem like he minds at all, he's a lazy cat, kittens sleep a lot anyway. And listen to that purr! He only does it like that when he's with you. ” The hand falls of his shoulder when it's shrugged off, Saeyoung smiles when the cat in question nuzzles deeper into his brother's neck at the slight movement. “You're getting better every day, Saeran, even if you don't think you are. I'm proud of you.”

Saeran's face goes hot at the praise, but he covers it with his hands and lets out the most disgusted noise he can make. Ugh, feelings. “Shut up, we're talking about this stupid cat, not me. Don't pull that shit.”

Saeyoung laughs, loud and deep from his belly, all of the tender honestly covered by his usual cheer. “Ahh, look at that blush! Where's my phone? I need to show everyone.”

Saeran throws one of the smaller pillows on the couch at his brother in retaliation.


Bzzt. Saeran pulls his head out from the scenery the book is painting, a bit disoriented. He's curled up against his headboard, trying to remember just where he set his phone down before he had picked up the novel Jaehee had brought over a few weeks ago.

Bzzt. Bzzt. He pats around underneath one of his thighs, only slightly surprised at the time that pops up on the screen. He's more surprised at why his phone is going off at nearly two in the morning.

Yoosung★: Hey!! I hope it's not too late to text you >.<

Yoosung★: Is Stinky doing okay?

Yoosung★: He looks happy in the pictures Saeyoung sent!!

Unknown: Yeah.

Saeran stares at his phone for a few moments, thumbs hovering over the keyboard. Should he say more? Yoosung is usually talkative enough to fill silence for several people, but it feels weird giving a one word reply. He is texting him late after all, and he's pretty sure Yoosung stopped doing homework or playing LOLOL to ask him about this cat. He glances at his feet where Stinky has woken up from his nap against Saeran's foot, clumsily making his way into his lap before he flops down on his back and wiggles. At least cats are more predictable than people, he always does this when he wants some kind of attention. Saeran takes one hand away from his phone to scratch Stinky's chest that rumbles with that same wheezing purr.

Unknown: He's doing fine.

Unknown: He's still breathing weird.

Yoosung★: Oh no...

Yoosung★: I talked to the owner of my clinic today, she said we have an opening early next week.

Yoosung★: I'm sorry it's taking so long... but Stinky will be our first appointment!

Unknown: it's fine.

Saeran grits his teeth at his phone, typing several fragments of messages before deleting them seconds after. Yoosung is too nice, it's almost like trying to talk to MC - constantly double checking to make sure that he's not being a complete asshole on accident or having to tone things down when he reverts to something more aggressive out of habit. It's annoying, Saeran blames the late hour on his weird emotions even though this is nowhere near the time he usually ends up finally drifting to sleep.

Yoosung★: If anything seems weird just let me know! It'll be just like going to class or work ^^

Yoosung★: But it's way more fun coming over there instead of going to school.

Yoosung★: So please let me know if Stinky needs anything! Or if you need anything too.

God this kid is too nice. Saeran sighs loudly through his nose, Stinky meows in his lap when his hand stops petting him.

Unknown: Thank you, Yoosung.

Unknown: ...you can come over whenever, I'm sure.

Unknown: Saeyoung and MC won't care.

Unknown: And you know more about how to take care of a cat than I do, so you'd know if he's actually alright or not.

Yoosung★: Can I really come over?!!

Yoosung★: I can come see you and Stinky and Saeyoung and MC tomorrow! I don't have to work.

Unknown: Sure.

Unknown: Let me know when you're almost here and I'll turn off the security system.

Yoosung★: Ooooh!!!

Yoosung★: Okay! I'll see you tomorrow then ^^

Unknown: Okay.

Yoosung★: Goodnight Saeran ^^

Yoosung★: And goodnight Stinky!

A wave of relief flushes over him when the conversation ends - the chat-room is easier when there's several people contributing, but there's a reason why Saeran doesn't text very often. It's draining in the most annoying way, almost as badly as when he's forced to talk face to face.

Still... he feels a little guilty at just how little he's contributed to the short conversation. He looks down at Stinky laying down in his lap on his back with his paws curled against his chest, almost asleep again but just awake enough to grab at Saeran's hand when he tries to take it away from his stomach. Saeran opens the camera on his phone and takes a picture.

-Unknown has shared an image.-

Unknown: Goodnight Yoosung.

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