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Ingredients: * 1 oz London dry gin (Plymouth, Beefeater, Hendricks) * 1 oz grapefruit juice * 0.5 oz St. Germain elderflower liqueur * 0.5 oz lemon juice Shaken on ice and double/fine strained Garnish with a slapped basil leaf (take a clean basil leaf in the palm of your hand and clap once) Background As a modern cocktail, there is not a lot of background history to cover. This makes for a terrific daytime cocktail with its relatively low alcohol content and in the words of its creator Ryan Fitzgerald himself, “It's bright, refreshing and low in alcohol—a great pick-me-up.” This certainly is a great cocktail to have at brunch on weekends, but is also suitable throughout the day. SeriousDrinks describes it as “enhanced grapefruit juice”, which I consider a pretty apt description.
cant order this at the college bars near me
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damn i want to give all these drinks a try but they use such hard to find liquers in korea.... if only they had bevmo here arghh
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