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SugaKookie dancing together since 2013 xD


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my favorite new ship sorry j hope I still love you with suga
8 months ago·Reply
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@PolarStarr 😆😆
8 months ago
Aww suga used to be taller than kookie now kookie looks like a giant compared to suga
8 months ago·Reply
Dude, Suga was actually taller then Jungkook is '13 😂😂
8 months ago·Reply
It might just be my eyes but look at the older clips of them dancing. JK is shorter than Suga. If you look at the newer clips, Suga is shorter than JK now. 😮😶
8 months ago·Reply
Back when Suga was taller then Kookie 😂😂
8 months ago·Reply