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Spring Event Super Junior
Hello fellow vinglers! Here is my next oneshot starring Kim Ryeowook of Super Junior.
Warning! Smut Fluff For mature readers only Freaky kinky Nasty scenes Graphic fan fiction Scroll down at your own risk
Stars (a Kim Ryeowook oneshot) It was a dark and starry night as you and Ryeowook lay on a quilt on the grass at the park with the picnic basket next to the quilt. "This is so pretty, oppa! Thanks for bringing me here!" You tell him. "Anytime jagi. Anything for this pretty girl next to me." He replied as he fingercombed your hair and leaned in to kiss your forehead, then your nose, as he moved to your upper lip and kissed you softly with his tender lips. You held his head in your hands as you returned his kiss and leaned closer to him. You continue to kiss his lower lip for a few minutes until he got up, pulled out another quilt, unfolded it, and threw it over you and him. He then hovered over you and you lay on your back as he kissed you eagerly with passion inside of him. You slide your hands under his shirt as you rub his back until he throws it off. You press him down on you as he creates friction between his body and yours. You unhook your bra and pull it out and off your body as he pulls your shirt off over your head as he rubs himself on top of you creating friction between your bodies. You felt him growing hard as you began to heat up as you push him down on you and pulsed him on you as he moved himself on you wanting to enter you so you push down your jeans as he did the same. You then rolled over as you hovered over him as you begin to undo your jeans and push them off your legs so they could breathe. Ryeowook did the same as you grinded your hips on top of his pelvic bone as you moved your inner buns on his hard rod until he felt like he needed you inside of him. He then rolled back to where he was on top as he entered you in a snap as you push him down on you with your hands on his back and your feet on his thighs. He pumped you several times until the both of you reached a high. It was quite a long time as you both came back down slowly and the both of you grew tired as he fell off of you and laid down next to you as you both drifted into a deep sleep. After several hours you both heard a blare horn as you both jumped up and looked behind to see a cop state at the both of you. You both looked at each other shocked as you both put your clothes back on and you gathered your things as he put the quilt in the bag. You both set your things in front of you as you looked at the officer with curious eyes. "Care to explain?" He asked. "No." You both said simultaneously. He then began to take notes of what he saw. He then began to walk towards his car as you two walk towards your car and begin to drive home. The patrol car followed you on the road as Ryeowook had to pull over and the same cop came up to his window. "I will be banning the both of you from this park for life until you both come to the station and explain the events to a detective." He said as he gave Ryeowook a citation of the location of the police station. "Yes sir." Ryeowook said to the officer. "Drive safe." The cop said. "I will." Ryeowook replied. He rolled up his window as he began to drive home. You both put away the picnic supplies and went to the station.
I hope you all enjoyed! If you want more, please comment an idol and I will write one for you.
I officially can not look at Wookie any more!!!! WOOKIE GONE SOMEWHERE!!!!!
He went into our dirty minds.
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can you do one on nichkun?