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Jeongyeon Sub Unit~
Hello lovelies, Jasmyn here with another Jeongyeon card! This week we're creating a sub unit for our member so get ready for my LENGTHY member list....Lets go!
UEE Birthname: Kim Yujin Stagename: UEE Birthday: April 9, 1988 Position: Main dancer, vocalist
AILEE Birthname: Lee Yejin (Amy Lee) Stagename: Ailee Birthday: May 30, 1989 Position: vocalist
GAYOON Birthname: Heo Ga Yoon Stagename: Gayoon Birthday: May 18, 1990 Position: Main vocal
HUI Birthname: Lee Hwitaek Stagename: HUI Birthday: August 28, 1993 Position: Leader, main vocal, lead danc
WENDY Birthname: Son Seungwan Stagename: Wendy Birthday: February 21, 1994 Position: Main vocal
MJ Birthname: Kim Myungjun Stagename: MJ Birthday: March 5, 1994 Position: Main vocal
E’DAWN Birthname: Kim Hyojong Stagename: E’Dawn Birthday: June 1, 1994 Position: Main rapper
JAEYOON Birthname: Lee Jaeyoon Stagename: Jaeyoon Birthday: August 9, 1994 Position: Lead vocal, dancer, face of the group
SOHYUN Birthname: Kwon Sohyun Stagename: Sohyun Birthday: August 30, 1994 Position: Lead dancer, vocalist, rapper
DAWON Birthname: Lee Sanghyuk Stagename: Dawon Birthday: July 24, 1995 Position: Lead vocalist, dancer
JINJIN Birthname: Park Jinwoo Stagename: JinJin Birthday: March 15, 1996 Position: Main rapper, lead dancer
JOY Birthname: Park Sooyoung Stagename: Joy Birthday: September 3, 1996 Position: Lead rapper, lead vocal
JEONGYEON Birthname: Yoo Jeongyeon Stagename: Jeongyeon Birthday: November 1, 1996 Position: Lead vocal
HWIYOUNG Birthname: Kim Youngkyun Stagename: Hwiyoung Birthday: May 11, 1999 Position: Main rapper, sub-vocal, dancer
TZUYU Birthname: Chou Tzuyu Stagename: Tzuyu Birthday: June 14, 1999 Position: Lead dancer, vocal
MARK Birthname: Lee Minhyung Stagename: Mark Birthday: August 2, 1999 Position: Main rapper, vocalist, face of the fricking group
HAECHAN Birthname: Lee Donghyuck Stagename: Haehchan Birthday: June 6, 2000 Position: my sunshine, lead vocal, lead dancer, maknae
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