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Ingredients: * 2 oz gin * 1 oz lime or lemon * 0.75 oz simple syrup * Small handful mint * Angostura bitters optional Add all ingredients to shaker, fill with ice and shake vigorously. Strain into glass Background: The Southside cocktail is another classic cocktail that existed pre-Prohibition and was delicious enough to continue being enjoyed even today. The most exciting and memorable, of other not so fortunate, origin story comes not from Chicago during Prohibition. At this time, the city lay divided between the Dion O’Banion’s Northside gang, which thanks to geographical location had a much more palatable selection of spirits smuggled from Canada, and Frankie McErlane’s Southside gang (affiliated with the famed Johnny Torrio and Al Capone). As the Southside gang only had access to “local spirits” aka “bathtub gin”, Joseph Saltis, one of the bootleggers in the Southside gang, came up with the idea of making their product more palatable by mixing it with sugar, citrus, and mint. As legendary this story would be as the origin of the Southside cocktail, it fails in multiple regards, namely that it is unlikely that this cocktail would A) become popular enough in the short period of time between Prohibition and the publication of the Savoy Cocktail Book, B) overcome the prejudice being a cocktail comprised of the lowest of spirits, “bathtub gin”, and transform into one enjoyed by the upper crust of society, and C) miraculously travel to and became popular on the East Coast. Regardless of its origins, the fact that it has many speaks to its deliciousness and why this simple and classic cocktail it continues to be enjoyed today.
which mint leaf do you recommend for this?
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