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Thank goodness for the make-up days... I'm gonna need both. XD

Okay, this was a difficult choice to make... I was in between this one and Sakamoto Desu Ga? I was about to pick Sakamoto, then got home and changed my mind again. XD
Anyways, let's talk about the one I did pick... I chose Comical Psychosomatic Medicine because it deals with various mental conditions and illnesses, and I found it quite informative. I think everyone can.
... assuming "everyone" can remember anything they learned for all the dirty jokes and gags. XD

That said, in order to facilitate said dirty jokes, many of the topics are sexual in nature (the anime covers subjects such as erectile dysfunction, exhibitionism, Lolita complex/pedophilia, etc.), so if you're uncomfortable with those kinds of topics, this isn't the anime for you. Otherwise, it also covers things like insomnia, social anxiety, phobias, depression, etc.
And yes, about half these screenshots are also way out of context. XD But trust me, they're just as weird in context.