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The maknae unlocked the door and they went in quietly. At first, he thought he was seeing things and figured she must've just cleaned up but he realized there was something wrong.

He went to the closet and opened it, there were no clothes hanging. He rushed into the bathroom, all her personal stuff was gone.

His hyungs were looking around and couldn't find anything that belonged to their noona.

“All her things are gone.” The eldest said.

The maknae stood not understanding what was going on. He couldn't believe she just up and left like this. Fear took hold that something bad had happened, that that girl had done something to his noona after their little conversation.

“Where did she go…” he turned in circles, he couldn't figure it out.

“Calm down.” The eldest said, he pulled his phone out and called noona's friend. “Hey noona, I need to ask you something… yeah it's about that, how did you know…. What do you mean?” He listened carefully and then hung up the phone.

The dark one, who was holding back his own panic, asked, “What did she say?”

“She said noona went into hiding. That it was for the best. Not to ask her where she is because she's not going to tell us,” The eldest answered, “And, she said not to bother calling because she's not going to answer her phone. Not even for you.” He looked at his youngest brother.

He grabbed his young brothers by the arms and lead them out. They went out to their car and drove away.

“How could she do this to me?” The maknae whined from the backseat, “how could she…”

The dark one just stared out the window, wondering if he had made her leave. He didn't regret what happened, and he hoped she wouldn't, but now he's thinking that he shouldn't have crossed that line.

Unconsciously he touched his lips, remembering how hers felt. As he was daydreaming about their time together, a car pulled up next to them. So deep in thought, it didn't dawn on him who he just saw pull up and then turn the corner, going away from them. It came to mind that that car looked familiar. The dent in the back bumper like the manager's car from when he accidentally backed up into a pole, definitely caught his attention. He watched it as it went down that street slowly and when they pulled through the intersection, it made a quick u-turn.

“That car.” He said finally, looking back, “it has a dent in it.”

“So, a lot of cars do.” The eldest said.

The dark one adjusted the side mirror to see behind them, “No, no, remember when I borrowed the manager's car and backed up into that pole. He never got it fixed. It was still there the last time I seen his car.”

The eldest looked back in the rear view mirror, “Which car?”

“It's two cars behind us now.”

The maknae looked back to see what they were talking about.

“Turn around. I'm going to try something.” The eldest flipped the left blinker on and merged into the left lane. He stayed in that lane for a couple blocks before he decided to make a turn. They watched as that car slowed down, holding up traffic until it was able to get into their lane to turn with them. When the light switched, the eldest made a u-turn and headed back the way they came.

The dark one confirmed that it made a u-turn as well.

“Are you guys thirsty? I'm thirsty, let's get something to drink.” the eldest said and pulled over. He parked and they all got out and walked down the street to an all night coffee shop. Sure enough, as they were going in, they seen it pull over and park just a little ways up ahead.

“It could be coincidence.” The eldest commented as they got their drink and headed up to the second floor sitting room.

“Maybe. But let's make sure.” the dark one said. He got up and walked out to the balcony.

There were people standing around on the balcony too. He looked around, pretended to stretch, took aim, and buzzed his drink through the air. Most of the contents spilled out mid-air, the rest splattered on the roof of that car. The driver jumped out, looked around, took his jacket off and tried to wipe the drink off.

The dark one had hid behind a couple as soon as his drink was airborne. When he seen the manager emerge from the driver seat, he shook his head and went back to his brothers, who just sat and watched him.

“It's the manager.”

“should we split up? We can meet back at the dorm.” Their maknae said. He sounded like he was still upset. He stared at his drink with a sad look.

“Stop it. I have to agree with the noonas, it's for the best. If he doesn't know where she's at, then the manager can't hold her over you. As long as YOU don't know, you can't go running to her, giving her hiding spot away. Do you understand?” The eldest said. It made his youngest brother slump even more into his seat. He knew he was being harsh but it was for his own good. He reached over and patted his knee, the maknae nodded and sat up straight.

“Let's head back to the dorm. Obviously he's following us, I don't know why. But let's not alarm him that she's gone.”

I know a guy who knows someone 😈
Omg!!! just bounced on the baby after... ummm bouncing on the dark one? it's not funny but lmaoooo!
both, lol
Poor guys. The manager needs to disappear without a trace.
manager definitely needs to be rolled out in a ditch ny/nj style...
Italian Mafia style 😈 😂😂😂