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Okay, so I've got three cards to make and one make-up day left... time to go on a blitz!
To start with, my favorite supernatural character... this one took me a while, but it finally hit me just now... my first woman crush, FLCL's Haruko Haruhara!
You gotta love her... the woman shows up out of nowhere, runs over a ten-year-old with a scooter, beats him with a guitar, then continues to yank random objects (mostly more guitars) out of his head. Plus, in general, you've got no idea what she's gonna do next. It's fun to watch her.
Abd even through all her crazy and what happens between them, I love how she seems to truly care about Naota.
And she drives my dream vehicle... thanks to her, I've wanted to own a Vespa since I was in middle school. I'm still working on that dream to this day.
And finally, she's actually rather sexy, in a psycho kind of way.