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Ummmm No馃槓
Yamcha vs Saitama..... Saitama would obliterate this guy lol Even some Dragonball fans would have to agree with me on this
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*ahem* Funeral services will be held at 2pm at the house of "he wasn't ready"
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and i haven't watched dbz since i was 3
6 months ago
dbz compared to one punch man. dbz has a much much stronger universe sorry
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Oh Aci you may be right about the dbz universe but Saitama can handle Yamcha lol (it's Gray Btw
6 months ago
btw I dislike any Dragonball anime one of the reasons being the db universe is so overpowered in power lol
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6 months ago
I could see this happening
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LOL Yamaha is dreaming XD
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