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Hello Royal Family! It's Suki here to bring you another variety Monday. The theme for this week is how you met your bias, so I am going to bring you videos of how we met the booys. Yes all of them! Here we go.
You are the one the sound crew for the station. You are excited since they tell you that you will be working inside the studio with the crew, doing a videos of live performance for a special K-pop group. You are excited to see these handsome men walk in. You cant believe how your dream has come true.
Let's see where we will meet them next.
You get a call from the temp agency, stating they have a job for you. You don't care what it is you have not worked in 2 weeks. She tells you that you will be the secretary for five guys. You take the job. You get dressed and get to the office. You ask the receptionist where to report in at, she tells you through those doors and good luck. You hear music coming from the door as you get closer. It sounds familar. You open the door to see Boys Republic dancing and singing. You could not believe your eyes, they tell you to come in and close the door.
Your a grocery store delivery person. You are asked to do a water and snack deliver to a shooting site. You don't like to do delivers to site since they are always rude. You ask a friend to trade, but she refuses. So you load the water and snacks on the truck and you head to the site. You ask where would they like you to put the water and snacks. The person you ask turns around and it is OneJunn. You could not believe your eyes. You look around and see the other members. And to think you were going to give this job away.
I hope you enjoyed how you met your bias. Until next time stay Royal!

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