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Who: Reader x Oh Mintaek
What: AU/ Smut (+18 )
Story: The Mark binds you to him so no matter where he goes he can find you. After three years of freedom he comes to take you back.

Y/n's POV

You rushed Mintaek back to the Society and pulled him inside.

"We have- to get- Digit." Mintaek said as you pulled him in.

"We'll get him back don't worry." you said.


"Mintaek, I'm not losing him okay but I trust what Janera said. I have a plan, I just hope it works." You said.

Mintaek gripped your arm and you finally noticed the burning of your mark. You looked at him and he looked weak,

"I'm sorry." he said.

You calmed yourself, you were shaking too from anger and fear. You pushed him up against the wall to keep him upright. You sighed and looked at him. You pulled your shirt down a little to expose your neck.

"Drink." you said.

He looked at your neck for a moment and then at your eyes. He cupped your face and pressed his forehead to yours.

"Y/n I'm sorry I didn't protect him." he said.

You pulled away a little to look him in the eyes.

"You don't have to be sorry. You're not the one who led them to us." you said.

He kissed you softly, he captured your bottom lip with his teeth and started to suck. He moved from your lip to your neck and sank his teeth in. He sucked on your neck for a while and for a moment it was fine. He flipped you over on the wall and started kissing you.

"Enough Mintaek." you said.

He licked your neck, he sounded hungry, there was a growl in his voice. He pushed you against the wall harder. He started pushing you up on the wall and opening your legs.

"Mintaek stop, we don't have time." you said.

"I haven't eaten- in two weeks." he panted.

"Mintaek." you pushed him up.

He looked at you and finally got himself together. He put you down,


"Is that why you lost it after drinking out of the cup when I came back?" you asked.

"Yeah, I'm sorry." he said licking his lips.

"It's okay. We need to go see the Elders." you said.

"Right now? Y/n it's been two weeks since I let you go. I don't even know if they know you're back and even still they're not on speaking terms with me." he said.

"Why, for letting me go? Because they want a warrior princess right? Look Janera showed you a future where we have a daughter and we're happy and Digit is with us. Right now I don't give a damn about how they feel about you letting me go. They were looking for a unity, a solution to a problem, Digit is apart of that solution and one of them is the reason he was taken."

You turned to head to the Elders council room. Mintaek hurried behind you,

"Whoa, whoa what do you mean by that? You can't just go into the Grand Elders coucil room and start accusing them of sending a Wolf Pack after our son, especially, when they'll only see it as returning him back to his people."

"That may be how they see it but they're wrong. Look Janera didn't exactly confirm who it was but she said it was an inside job. Why else would the Wolf Pack be at the temple? Why are they this far out they're hunting grounds are far across the land. Mintaek you may not want to believe it but one of them, not all just one, set that up and if you weren't on sacred land when it happened they would've killed you and kept me sealed in there." you said.

Mintaek sighed, he trusting you on this. You two finally made it to the council room and you opened the doors to see all of the Grand Elders in the middle of a discussion. Your eyes immediately fell to one Vampire.

"Is there something we can do for you?" Thanton said.

"Yes." you said.

You walked in and passed Thanton and stood between him and Seonghwa.

"Mintaek and I have decided to get married." you gave a small smile.

The Grand Elders looked at each other and then looked at Mintaek. Thanton sat up a bit straighter and looked at Mintaek.

"Is this true Mintaek?" He said in a stern emotionless voice.

Mintaek looked at you and then back at Thanton. He didn't know what you were doing but he was going to go along with it.

"Yes." he said.

Thanton smiled,

"Well then, that's a big step. Is this your way of saying that she's ready?" he said.

"More than ready." Mintaek said looking at you.

You smiled. Seonghwa spoke up,

"Hold on, your powers still aren't exactly mastered and neither are hers for that matter. Perhaps we should still focus on the matter at hand. Fighting the Wolves." he said.

"What have the Wolves done to deserve a war? You Elders are preparing yourselves for a moment that doesn't have to come, for a fight that doesn't have to happen." you said.

"Wolves are a menance to us little girl they must be taken out." Seonghwa said.

"Oh really? Who says? Do you all agree with this? Starting a war that will cost you your lives. Your Vampires lives, their mates lives?" You said.

"Since when do you care Y/n?" Thanton inquired.

You crossed your arms and gave a little sigh,

"I'm still not sure I do, not when you treat your own kind like this. Still, our son seems to have hope that there's a future in which we can live in peace."

"We've tried that before." Mist said.

"Thousands and thousands of years ago and do you remember why that didn't work? I bet you don't, I bet the centuries of blood lust and killing and taking humans from Earth is what clouded the judgement. Fear. That's what broke everything a part. First fear of the Fae and then a thirst for power. Vampires during the triple eclipse enjoy power do they not? It's a moment in time where you're at your strongest. Humans like to call it a power trip. Forgive me if I miss intepreted but wasn't the Grand Elders looking for a solution to peace?" You said looking to Mintaek.

Mintaek nodded. Thanton looked at Mintaek and then up at you.

"So what are you suggesting? That a marriage between a Vampire and a half Fae will bring peace with the Wolves?" Thanton said.

"Ah see you're half way there. You see," you started walking a bit around their table as you spoke.

"A union between all three races has to be made to first achieve any settlement for peace. This means that Mintaek's marriage to me unites two halves of the equation but neither one of us is going to go out of our way to add a third person to our marriage so what do we do to solve the problem with the Wolves? We adopt a baby Wolf into our lives. Interesting thing though because our son was taken from us by other Wolves today." you said.

You leaned between Mist and Reigner, another Elder member. You were right in front of Thanton and Seonghwa staring them in the eyes.

"You mean returned?" Seonghwa said.

"Returned? No. Stolen." you hissed.

You stood up straight and continued to walk around the table until you could put both your hands around Thanton and Seonghwa's shoulder.

"You see we went to Janera and while I was speaking with her Mintaek was attacked by a pack of Wolves that were intent on taking our son." You squeezed Seonghwa's shoulder tighter.

"Why didn't they kill Mintaek?" Reigner retorted.

You gave him a smile that was some how more sinister than you meant it to be but it worked either way.

"Even the Wolves know you don't spill blood on Holy ground. Janera is Life and Death, you dare to take life while in her prescene you might lose yours instead." You answered.

Mintaek stepped closer to the table and stood between Mist and Reigner. Thanton looked at him for a moment and your hand slipped from Thanton's shoulder as well as Seonghwa's. You walked around so that you were on Seonghwa's other side.

"Now I assume that Hyun Jung was the one to tell you all that we were going to Janera but the quick contact that one of you made to get the pack to take back Digit, well that's another story."

"One of us?" Thanton said.

"You can't be so stupid as to believe that one of the Elders would go out of their way to contant Wolves to get rid of a child." Seonghwa said.

You looked at him in a slight glare and your imagination went to work. You were much better at conjuring objects from your minds eye than you were at getting from one place to another but you were in full control when Seonghwa's body became caged in a torture chamber you once saw ancients use in this world. You smiled at the sudden fear in his eyes and he looked to Mintaek.

"What is she doing?" He said.

"She's a mother doing what a mother does best." he answered.

You walked over to him and yanked his head back.

"Just think hard enough Seonghwa. You don't want unity no, no that would mean that the Elders purpose no longer stands. You no longer have power because that would mean the divide has been concured. Mintaek takes his role as King and the Elders Concil ceases to exist. You knew this day was coming all along. It's why you were training him, it's why you hated me. The loss of power can really make a man do crazy things. Say even betray his kind? You made a deal with Wolves to take back Digit and if it wasn't for us being inside of Janera they would've killed Mintaek and I would've still been sealed inside the damn wall. That would've been perfect for you. You don't truly believe you need me, a half blood Fae, to save your Kingdom. No, not with the Triple eclipse coming your numbers are stronger, your army is trained, you're all powerful but I know something you didn't see Seonghwa."

You bent down to whisper in his ear and the way your voice came out in a taunting tone was frightening him to say the least.

"This is where you die." you said.

You kissed his cheek and looked up. Mintaek stood before you just watching how you behaved. You calmed yourself before you seemed more menacing than you meant to be. Hyukwoo flitted into the room standing next to Mintaek. You bowed your head to him, just about the only Vampire in this entire Society you had any respect for.

"Should I ask for permission?" you said to him.

"Do you have any proof of your claims?" he asked.

You looked at him for a moment. You didn't necessarily have proof but you knew how to get it. Full view and the truth of the things that he's done. A spell that Tetra had given you a while back. You thought once to use it on Mintaek to find out why he'd lost it and gave you his mark that night and if he was truly in love with you but you stopped wanting to know after a while. You were afriad of the truth. Janera had said that before, you didn't like when the truth looked you in the face. You waved your hand over the table and a large bowl appeared with water in it. You concentrated as you said,

"Secerts unveiled, reveal the truth, show those who need the proof. Choices made that can't be undone show me the wrong that has come."

The water rippled and began to wave. Seonghwa bent his head to see from the torture cast. The other Elders along with Hyukwoo and Mintaek leaned into see the bowl. They watched as Seonghwa was meeting with Vampires to orgainze the Chimera attack on the Wolves. This would've helped him keep the divide. Since the Elders were already trying to find a petition for peace and looking for a unity this would've been a prefect way to show them that the cautionary army they were raising was needed and that the divide was too strong to try and heal. They would have to fight which ultimately kept Mintaek as a prince unable to take his role as King. He had to wait longer. The triple eclipse would've been an amazing power boost for him and the Kingdom but it was significant to Janera for a different reason. You thought about what she said as you watched Seonghwa's truth being revealed. The way that he was giving the Wolves the location to where you and Mintaek would be with Digit was infuriating. He had told them to kill Mintaek and you if it was possible. He must've been so sore about the fact that you both lived. He probably thought the Wolves would be dumb enough to kill you two on Holy ground but they weren't stupid at all. They were smart. They took Digit and left but considering he was a Wolf they probably would've taken care of him as well. That was all you could hope for at the moment. After his truth was revealed, you looked up at all the Elders and they looked to Seonghwa. He looked at them knowing what was to come next.

"What does the council say?" Hyukwoo said.

Thanton looked around at all the other Elders and they nodded. He nodded back to them and looked up at Hyukwoo,

"For treason, death." he said.

Hyukwoo nodded and looked to you.

"Do it." he said.

You smiled.

"With pleasure."

You conjured your chain scythe and took off his head ultimately turning him into dust. You looked down at the pile of dust that he was. You looked up at Mintaek and the Elders. Hyukwoo looked at you and sighed,

"I will make arrangements with the other Elders for the wedding."

"Thank you." you said.

You walked out with Mintaek following behind you. Mintaek hurried behind you and grabbed your arm.

"Hold on, no one just kills an Elder that easily and feels just fine, are you okay?" he asked.

You looked at him and shook your head.

"No. But I'm trusting what Janera said to me. I have to go and make the stupid potion and I have to go and find Digit." you said.

"We can find him together." he said.

You shook your head,

"I know you want to help but right now I think maybe you should keep looking after the Wedding arrangements with Hyukwoo. Janera said that Digit had to be the one to bring the Wolves to us and I accept that but I don't know if Digit knows that. I think I can get to him I just have to perfect an entirely different potion that will allow me to cheat my projection power and take me to him."

"Wait what, you want to project yourself to Wolf territory?" he said.

"Well it's not me, not entirely it's like a ghost me. It's a projection there's no substance to that part of me. The first time I went to Janera was through projection. That's how I knew Digit was behind the wall in the first place and somehow I was able to use the power again to get to her when I was back on Earth, that's how she helped me open the Whirlpool. The problem is the power isn't perfected it's just luck but a spell can help me cheat luck. It'll be pure magic giving me the control but once the potion wears off I'm out of control again. The only thing I really control is my ability to conjure things I think of and if you followed all of that you're a very very intelligent Vampire." You said.

He looked at you like he was letting it soak and nodded.

"Okay, look I can help them with wedding arrangments later Hyukwoo has got that for now. I can help you in the library. I can help you make the spell and look after you when you go. We can do it together." he said.

You gave him a smile,


He smiled back at you and took you into his arms. He flitted down the hallway to get to the library. The large doors opened and let you two in. He headed stright up to the top floor and took you to the back where all of your potion stuff was still sitting since you hadn't put it away that day. You remembered being so angry with him here. It was nice to have him happy with you. You projected Janera's flower to you and placed it down on the table. You gave him the spell book and told him all the things he needed and where he had to get them to create the potion that you would need to get to Digit. Once he started working on that, you got to work on the potion that would give you a baby. You wondered if it would even work. You saw your daughter and you knew that Janera was telling you that she was the future not just for the Society but the whole world but still a part of you held some doubt. You were scared that it wouldn't work that it was all a fantasy because of what the doctors had told you. Would she even truly be real because she was a product of magic?

Really not the time to start questioning things Y/n.

You knew that but still you couldn't help but feel a little anixety.

"Um Y/n." Mintaek said.


"This has to brew for twenty four hours. Do you think we have that kind of time?" He said.

You looked at the pot and took a deep breath. You could always try it on your own but you had only done that once successfully and honestly Janera's forces may have been at work at that moment since it was her that wanted you to meet Digit in the first place. You needed the potion. At least for now, once you were don't allying the Wolves you could go to the Fae and train your power and you would be a bit stronger and help lead. You wondered though, what could your power do?

"Digit was behind a wall for three months knowing I'd come for him. He's led us and admittedly brought us together. He trusts us and he trusts Janera. He is a Wolf, they will not hurt him and he will be waiting for us. We'll wait the twenty four hours and then I will go to him. I believe he'll be fine." you said.

He came over to you and kissed your head. He could see the concern on your face though, a bit of you was still worried about him. He was eight after all. You looked back down at what you were doing and said,

"Hyukwoo wasn't wrong about making the Elders as a council to lead. He wasn't wrong about getting them to train you but the future that Janera showed me, we were ruling but we weren't. You were the King of the Vampires but when it all came down to it you were on equal playing field with the other royals of the Fae and the Wolves. When we do this, we're going to have to set aside thousands of years of hatred and that's no easy task." you said.

He nodded,

"I know, at a certain point we were simply taught to hate the race. It was trained in us, now were basically recalling what seems like basic instinct." he said.

"This isn't going to go over well. It's going to get messy before it gets clean." you said.

"That's often how things work when change is involved. We can do it though, we can do it together."

He lifted your chin so that you looked up at him.

"I promise you, we'll make it to that future. We'll be with Digit again, and we'll be with our little girl." he said.

You gave him a smile and he leaned down to give you a kiss. That was the future you were fighting for, you could only hope it was the future you two would truly get...

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