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Hello hello beautiful ARMYs Violet here to update you all on what's going on this week in the BTS community! ♡ For this week's theme we will be doing BTS MV concept cards ! ♡ Look foward to different BTS MV concepts this week!!


So as you all know our boys released the japanese versions of Spring Day, Not Today and Blood Sweat & Tears !! They also wrapped up their last tour stop successfully! Next stop Las Vegas for the BBMAs!!! Don't forget to keep voting guys !!! ♡ There will be a red carpet livestream show ! I will release more info on how you can watch it so keep an eye out. :)

You can watch BTS' BS&T Jap. MV HERE !♡

That's it's for this week's BTS Community weekly! I tried to keep it nice and short and to the point lol. Also, how stunning are our boys going to look on that red carpet ?! ♡♡ Have an amazing rest of the week everyone !!

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