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Hello Royal Family! It's Melissa with Sunwoo Sunday! For this week's theme, we are doing scenarios. These scenarios are of how we could've meet our member/bias. Let's get started...
You walk in a Restaurant to meet a friend for lunch. You are the first one to arrive. You are seated close the window. You noticed a tall good looking man seating in the table next to yours. It looks like He's waiting for someone too. You smile at each other. You starting chatting , when he drop his phone and accidentally kicks toward you. When you walk over to hand over phone, you were smiling at him. You were teasing him about being clumsy. That when you are grab from behind and spuned around. All of sudden, you are slapped across the face. How dare you touch my man! A young woman yelled at you. Sunwoo is mine! Sunwoo was in shock. He couldn't believe what happened next. You showed that girl that you don't mess around. Sunwoo was totally impressed on how you got your point across. He asked you out that same day.

You were invited to a gathering. Supposedly your friend has important guest coming over at his place. That guest name is Sunwoo. He's an idol. It's a big thing for your friend to have him over. They meet while working out. They weren't serious about excerising. Something you can understand. You get to the gathering, and noticed someone trying to blend in to the wall. You walk over and introduce yourself. You start talking to him. You tell him that you noticed how uncomfortable he looked. You mentioned the only reason you were there was because of your friend. The guy started relaxing and laughing at your attempt on joking. That's when your friend shows up next to you. Oh I see you meet Sunwoo already! Did you introduced yourself? You were in shock. Here you thought you were just keeping a lonely guest company. And it turned out to be Sunwoo! Its nice to meet you. He says with a sweet smile. It just melted you on the spot.

It was raining so hard. It was like pouring down. You are running to get to dry area to wait for the rain to lighted up. You noticed a young guy in the rain. He looked incredible sad. Its like he doesn't noticed the rain pouring down on him. Hey! You need to get out the rain! You yelled at him. He just glanced at your direction, and starts looking around. Is he looking for something? You start to wonder. Are you looking for something? You ask him. He stops and looks at you with some serious sad eyes and replies Yes I'm looking for my puppy. He ran off while I was walking. It started raining, and he took off. Oh how sad! I'll help you look you offer while working out to him with umbrella. You start looking around for any possible hiding places for dogs. You found him! He was hiding under a bush. You reach under to bring him out. Hey! I think I found your puppy! He turns around fast and flashes you the brightest smile ever. Thank you for helping me out. He says while getting his puppy from you. I'm Sorry I didn't catch your name He says My name is Sunwoo by the way. Y/N is my name. and you are quite welcome. It was nice meeting you both. you say while petting his dog. Can I have your number, so I can give you call some time. We can get together and get know each other better. He says while handing his phone to you. It was a nice surprise. So you give your phone number, but Wasn't sure if you would hear from him. So when you got home, you were in shock to already getting a text from the guy named Sunwoo.

Well that's all for this week's Sunwoo Sunday! I hope you enjoyed it.

I really like the first one about the restaurant, that was awesome!
@sukkyongwanser Thank you!
Your welcome 😊
'Hey are you looking for something?' 'Yeah, my soul' Anyway, that was cute