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“Follow him. Make sure no one sees you.”


The members were sitting in the living room watching a movie when the manager walked in. He looked at all of them. No one greeted him, which he found unsettling.

“Okay, everyone to bed. You have an early practice tomorrow. You need to get your rest.” he announced going over to the tv to turn it off.

“But it's almost over.” the mouthy one said, he leaned on the tall one, yawning really loud. The tall seen an opportunity and threw popcorn into his mouth. The mouthy one just started chewing on it.

“No guys, let's get to bed. We can finish watching some other time.” Their leader said. He got up and the rest of them followed him.

As they filed past the manager, they each made a little bow to him. The maknae veered around to the other side of the eldest, hoping his body would shield him. The manager reached around and grabbed his arm, holding him back.

When the others were in their rooms and he could hear their doors closing one by one, he pulled the maknae towards the front door.

“Not you. Someone wants to see you.” the manager said, “get your coat.”

“But you just said we have an early practice in the morning. She shouldn't be interfering with my schedule.” The maknae said, he yawned, “Besides, it's late and I don't want to see her.”

“You're going to see her whether you like it or not.” the manager grabbed his coat for him and threw it at him.

As they were pulling away from the dorm, he seen a young boy on a motorbike. He looked like he broke down. He was squatting on the ground next to his bike, with a tool in hand. What sparked his curiosity about him was that the young boy seemed to be watching them as they drove away. When he looked back, he seen the young boy jump on his bike and start it up, he was soon following not too far behind them.

Every now and then he would look back to see where the kid on the motorbike was but he didn't see him anymore.

They pulled into a new hotel, not the usual one. Down into the garage they went. The level they parked on was pretty vacant. The manager parked and went to his side of the car and pulled him out.

“You weren't so resistant before. Do I have to remind you of the agreement.” He said as they went to the elevator.

“No need to remind me.”

They rode the elevator in silence. Each floor passing by steadily. When it stopped, the manager would politely tell who ever was wanting to get on that he couldn't allow it.

“Could you make it anymore obvious?” The maknae said. He pulled his hoodie down when the doors opened again.

The manager again stopped whoever it was but the little boy pleaded, saying that his parents were waiting for him. So the manager allowed him on. The little boy pressed the button for the top floor, the 12th floor. The maknae glanced up at him and seen the same jacket he'd seen the kid riding the motorbike had been wearing. He stared at the kid wondering who he was for them to cross paths again, especially so soon.

The elevator stopped on the 9th floor. As they stepped past the kid, he looked down at him, the kid looked up at him and smiled. They walked down the hall and stopped at a door. The maknae dreaded going in but he remembered what his hyung said. As the manager knocked on the door, the maknae looked back and seen a little head spying from the elevator. Then he disappeared and heard the elevator doors close.

Who is this kid, he asked himself.

The door opened and the manager pushed him in and slammed it shut behind him. He just stood at the door, the young singer walked across the room. She sat down on the other side of the bed, keeping her back to him.

“I can't stay tonight. I have things to do in the morning and I don't like being disrupted during my schedules.” He said.

“You're not even going to apologize for this afternoon? You said some mean things.”

“I said nothing that wasn't true.” he said, “Look, is this going to take long. I'm tired, I don't have time for your childish games.”

The young singer got up and turned toward him, she had a huge smile across her face, “I know you don't mean the things you say. I know how you feel about me, you even told me when we spent the other night together. Remember?” She came over to him, “And I remember how you smiled and blushed that time I tried to hold your hand.” she tried to put her hand into his but he pulled away.

“For one, you hold a knife to my neck. If I don't play good, if I don't play along, you'll hurt someone who is the world to me. And for the other… it was a mistake I regret a great deal.”

“Let's make up. I've been craving you since that night.” She grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him hard down to her level trying to kiss him, “Give me what I crave.”

The maknae tried to jerk away but her grip was too firm. He pushed on her shoulders with his palms. Her face was so close to his, he closed his eyes, trying to find his noona’s face. Not wanting to, he let her mouth touch his. Her tongue went in, her little moans filling his ears. When she pulled him over to the bed, he tried to imagine he was with his noona back at their little apartment. When she fell back on the bed, pulling him down on top of her, he caught himself. His hands pressed into the bed to the sides of her body, holding himself up, his fists clenching the bedspread.

Her hand went down to his crotch, playing and squeezing him firmly. He couldn't help it, he was getting hard. He squeezed his eyes even tighter, cursing at himself for it.

“Just let it happen.” She said into his ear as she undid his pants and slid her hand in, “Oh you're so hard for me.”

He let out a deep groan as she started stroking him. His fists digging harder into the bed.

“Take me. Have me like you did that night.” She said. Still holding his hard member with one hand, she pulled her skirt up and pulled her panties down, “I could never forget that time we fucked in the back of the van. Remember? Oh god, you were so good, you wanted me so bad.”

He remembered that...

And busted out laughing. He couldn't stop. She hit him on the chest and told him to stop laughing. When he wouldn't, she pushed him away. She pulled her underwear back on. He continued snickering as he buttoned his pants back up.

“You think of THAT?” He laughed even more, he leaned in close to her and in a very sarcastic tone, told her, “You were just a bet. A bet to see who would do you first, that was all. You were soooo easy.” He flicked her chin.

She huffed, making an angry face at him but he just laughed at her.

“Be glad, be proud of yourself, you finally cheered me up with your stupidity.”

There came a banging on the door.

Bbbwwaaahhshshshshhsshhahaha!!!! She was a mere bet!!! I dead!!!!!
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*inserts Nikki Manaj song Stupid H@e*
WHO IS AT THE DOOR!?!? cliffhanger?! really girl!? so much for loving me...
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@Matokokepa 😤😤
Two of my fave writers updating now!? you guys really love me! ?lmaooooo