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She swung the door open.

“What!” She screeched.

The manager was looking down the hall in both directions. As soon as her door was open, he pushed his way past her. He grabbed the maknae.

“We have to go.” He said as they practically ran out the door. He stopped and looked back at the young singer, “You should get going too. There's a horde of them heading up here.”

She gave him a puzzled look, she had no idea what he was talking about. She slammed the door after seeing his face still smirking. Several minutes went by, she had been getting ready for bed when someone started banging on her door.

She debated whether to open it or not. She didn't want to see anyone else. But the banging persisted and she could hear voices from the other side.

She peeked out slowly.

There were a bunch of young girls standing around, all talking and arguing, getting angry. One noticed her.

“You! Where's oppa?!” one yelled, hitting the door

“You slimy witch, let him go!!” another screamed.

“Why are you keeping our oppa prisoner?”

“Who do you think are you!! Trying to keep oppa with your fake face” one sneered.

Something came flying at her, she managed to avoid it. The angry mob of fangirls started yelling at her, screaming outrageous accusations. She shut the door as fast as she could before anyone tried to take a swing at her. They started banging and kicking the door furiously. She called the front desk, telling them about the hysterical mob of girls at her door.

The police and hotel security arrived and pushed them out of the hotel. Her own manager came to her room. He demanded to know why she was there in the first place, when she didn't answer, he threw some papers at her, she picked them up. They were from the SNS, someone had published her pre-surgery photos, alerting the fans of her intentions towards a certain maknae, how she was trying to keep him as her love slave. Even where she could be found at that moment. The hotel name, what floor she was on, and that there would be an X on the door.

She stormed across the room and swung the door open. There, in bright red, criss-crossing the whole door was an X.

“Is it true?” Her manager asked.

“Everyone gets plastic surgery.”

“No! About that group's maknae, are you trying to have an affair with him?”

She turned to him, “Who's trying. I am having an affair. Are you jealous?”

He shook his head, “You're just a lying little slut. Don't ever come to me again.”

She grabbed for his arm as he walked out, but he jerked it away. He stood at the door, not looking at her, “Get your shit together, I'm taking you back to the dorm.”

She stuffed her overnight bag quickly. As she walked out the door, her manager stood by the elevator still looking really pissed, she ignored it. She knew only one person that would do this. She needed to find that woman and be rid of her once and for all.

As the maknae and his manager pulled out of the garage, passing by the hotel, there was a large crowd of girls standing around in front.

“What happened?” The maknae asked.

“I don't know. I happen to be coming back from getting coffee when I overheard some of them talking. When I asked, one of them said they were here to save their oppa.” the manager said, “I wonder how they knew you were here.”

The maknae shrugged. He looked out the window, biting his lips shut to keep from smiling.

good for her ass!! And she was fucking her manager too?! skank.
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@Matokokepa and unapologetic about it too. she's a hunter
And you leave it on this cliffhanger???? I need more!!!!!
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Wwaahhhh!!!!! I'll keep the pitchforks at bay!!
I need to kiss you right now!!