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Hello hello beautiful ARMYs ! This week we are proud to present BTS MV Concept Week!!! Look forward to all the BTS MV Concept cards this week! Lets Get Started!!! ♡~


Jimin RUN Concept Fashion Spotlight:

(A.K.A the era of leather jackets and tight pants ♡.♡)


These boys never fail to amaze me with their powerful on point dancing! But for RUN in particular i LOVE how the point dance makes it apear as if the boys are running. It's the coolest! And those body waves... omg.

What i loved about BTS' RUN MV:

The entire MV was AMAZING! But what i loved the most was how they were able to pick up right where they left off without being exactly like I Need U. I love how there is still the concept of sadness within happiness. On top of all that he song in general is great, personally one of my favorite BTS songs. ♡

BTS RUN MV Appearance:

The filter they use through out the entire MV is intresting because it was able to change the entire mood of the video entirely, no matter where they filmed. Props to the people who chose the locations!! They went well with everything down to the outfits and hair colors!!

RUN MV Over All :

This music video is actually an intresting one, this MV doesn't include choreography at all! But like the title there was a lot of running! *Our poor babies* This MV continues the story from HYYH pt 1 and will leave you asking questions and no answers .. i know ive been there lol. The thing is, there is no exact story and is left open for everyone to try and come up with your own interpretations! ♡


The song, choreo, MV, and everything completely captivated me. This era was honestly one of my favorites. The members looked as handsome as always, the entire album was SO good!!! I felt like such an amazing era needed a little more appreciation and attention. ♡

BONUS: BTS HYYH Pt 2 Concept Photos ♡

And that brings me to the end of this card!! I hope you guys enjoyed it! Like always we encourage you all to participate in our weekly themes!! What is your favorite BTS Concept/ Era ? Have a wonderful rest of the day lovelies! ♡


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