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Markson is s not going anywhere..Not even Jackson can't stop..LOL!!
do you think I care about the no shipping thing..hahaahha
look Jackson was screaming
" Markason" in the last Japan meeting..

Jackson calling out Marksoooooon!!..and that was after he said NO more shipping..⤵️⤵️
I think he just want to be shipped with Mark and Mark with him and that's it..ahaahahaha
and a day before that JYPE dropped some Markson moments on tweeter, linking it to jcast Facebook page..Iam like wahteveeeeer!!

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So Jackson doesn't want to be shipped with Mark anymore?? D:
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@BackwardsRain no no no..I think he ONLY wants to be shipped with Mark..😂😂😂 and he called off all other ships with him and Mark...hahaha
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Jackson want to be ship with everyone
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