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I feel so bad for being behind on my BTS series. But finally got one of my stories finished.
So hope you guys enjoy this one. Main: Kim Hana x Park Jimin Ft. Rest of BTS and EXO

Jimin: Find You Summary: As they say, the boys always pick on the girls they like…

BTS Series:

I walked into the dressing room, and looked over to see everything is in place for the boys. "Unnie, is everything ready?" I asked the head fashion stylist. She smiled, "Hana, yes everything set up on your side is, and you list." She said handing me my assignment and those I'll be taking care of. "You'll be handling Hoseok, Namjoon and Jimin." I sighed at the name. "Can choose someone else instead of Jimin? Like Seokjin or even Taehyung?" I asked. "Hana, I'm sorry but it's out of my hands." She said, she gave me a soft pat on my back. "I guess I'll have to endure” I smiled at her. I walked over to inspect my makeup selections, and going over what we need to be doing with my helpers. "Alright Bangtan will be here in 10 mins" I heard BangPD say. I was happy but not, Park Jimin.... ever since started working here, he's the only one that dislikes me, and he hasn’t really been on my good side either. No matter what I do, I try to keep a smile, but it's the things he say that just ruins my day.

“Noona!” I turned around to see the familiar open smile, as the ARMY would say and they were right, the sunshine of the group. “How have you been?” He asked handing me a coffee.

“Hey Hope, I'm good, and you didn't have to bring me coffee.” I replied, He just smiled.

“Well, Jin Hyung made coffee this morning, and I know you love his coffee.” He said pointing to Jin.

“I do love his coffee, thank you.” I replied seeing Jins face glow red. “Should we get started? Or did you want the others to go first?” I asked.

“No you can work on me.” Hope said jumping into my seat. I nodded and started applying BB cream to his face.

I seen Jimin walk in from the corner of my eye, and felt it already that he was glaring at me. I sighed but realized he only reminded me of Kyungsoo, he was like that for awhile. Maybe if I confront Jimin about it we'll be fine too.

“Okay Namjoon, you're next.” I said to the Bangtan leader.

“Hey noona, how are you?” he asked politely as he sat down.

“I'm good Joonie, how was you're guys show yesterday?” I asked while doing the same thing I did with Hobies make up.

“It was good.” He said I smiled as, I was glad that Namjoon spoke English he tries to talk to me in It when we're together, makes me feel like I'm home.
“Can you do the eyeliner thing like you did last time?” He asked I nodded. “Who do have after me?” He asked.

“Who do you think?” I said.

“Ah, I don't see why he acts like that.” He explained I shrugged.

“I had a few problems like that with a couple members from EXO before, so it doesn't bother me.” I replied. “Okay, you are done.” I smiled. Namjoon gave me a smile and walked over to get his outfit changed. “Okay Jimin.” I said mentally preparing myself.

He sat down without looking from his phone, I grabbed the spray and put a little in his hair, after that I grabbed the flat iron, he was wearing a bandana and a hat with his outfit so his hair need to be flat. I grabbed to BB Cream after fixing his hair,

“Look up please.” I said sternly.

“Dae.” He complied and left his face. I applied the cream, and patted it dry. “Can you not do it so hard?” He complained, so I did it softly.

“Okay, close your eyes please.” I said again. He didn't listen and looked off. “Not today Jimin please.” I said while he scoffed.

“I don't see why the other makeup artist could do this, you always make me look less handsome.” I rolled my eyes at his statement. “Don't act like you can't hear me noona” he said, I rolled my eyes again and started working on his eye makeup.

“Why are you so cold towards her?” Taehyung asked walking up. He eyed my work “she makes you look cool hyung.” He said smiling at me. Jimin just shrugged, and got up.

“No reason.” He smirked and walked off.

“Five Minutes boys” BangPD announced and walked out the door again.

I sighed as I sat down in my chair again. JHope walked up and asked for me to help with his contacts. My phone rang, it was a text from my cousin.

Minnie: Hey, are you at the MNET building?”
Me: Yea, I am...why?
Minnie: So are we, can you come help with makeup?
Me: yea sure I'm done here.

I walked up to Li to asked if it was okay she nodded and I said goodluck to the boys and walked out down the next dressing room.

“Hana!!” I heard once I walked into EXOs dressing room, I smiled seeing my cousin and best friend sitting at the chairs.

“Congrats on the new album guys.” I said looking at Baekhyun’s messed up face. I grabbed a wipes and gently wiped his face off. “Oh I watched your drama Baek.” I said smiling.

“Really? Did you finish it?” He said smiling. I nodded “what was your favorite part?” He asked.

“I'm not telling you, it made me cry” I said fixing his makeup. “By the look of your outfits you guys are doing Monster?” I asked Minseok nodded as I finished Baek’s signature eyeliner.

“How's working Bangtan?” He asked I shrugged,

“it good I like it, I get along with the members…” I said trailing off.

“Do they not like you?” Minseok asked again

"Just like with you guys, just only one doesn't like me." I said he grabbed my hand. "It'll be okay Hana, you'll get through." He said I smiled at my cousin. "Noona?" I looked up to see Tae and Jungkook at the door. "Yea?" I asked "Uh we need you back." Tae said looking at me and Minseok as he went up and took a selca with Baekhyun. I laughed as followed Kook. I stood side stage and overlooked at the appearances before they went on, I asked one of the interns do go over Jimin's look. I heard get mad at her, which caused her to walk off. I shook my head. *sigh* "Hana-ssi" I looked up at Seokjin walking up, “can you fix my jacket?” He asked handing me his jacket I nodded and ran back into the dressing room to grab a needle and thread.

I sat there fixing it when I heard someone come up, “I'm just about done Jin Oppa” I said standing up, I looked at the soft eyes that had worked on just awhile ago.

“What do you want?” I asked trying to get by him

“Nothing, just wanted to see you.” He said getting in my way.

“I need to get this Jin, will you please move.” I said sternly. He just looked at me. “Jimin I don't have time to play your games.” I said again he just smirked.

“Why do you call him Oppa? Why not me?” He asked. I scoffed.

“Well, Jimin-ssi, you are a year younger than me.” I said sidestepping from, but he followed. He grabbed my wrist and pushed me against the wall.

“I don't like it.” He simply said.

“Jealous Jimin?” I said he looked at me and started leaning in, I could feel his lips lingering over my lips.

“Noona have you seen...oh, uh Jimin we're about ready to go on.” Jhope said looking at me and Jimin. I managed to walk off with Jin's jacket in hand.

-month later-

“I'm serious noona, I think he likes you.” I looked to JHope as he walked with me to the lunch area.

“I don't think so, I think he's just playing around.” i said sitting down.

“But you do like him still...don’t you?” he asked, I looked at him. “I’ll be back, I’ll get you food too.” He said getting up, i nodded and looked down.

Did I still like him? I did, when I first started here, which was months ago. But I think because I seen how he acted towards me. It kinda stopped.

*phone rings*

Minnie: Can you come over tonight?
Me: Yea, what’s going on?
Minnie: My mom, needs you to come over.
Me: Yea okay.

“Who’s Minnie?” I looked up to see Jimin standing there.

“Why do you want to know?” I asked as Hoseok came back.

“Tae and Kook said you were holding hands with Minseok, wanted to see if you were dating him.” He asked, i looked at him than to Hobie.

“Why do you care if I’m dating him or not?” I asked looking at him, he scoffed and walked away.

“Are you?” Hobie asked looking at me.

“No, Minseok is my cousin, my mother and his are sisters.” I explained, made an "O" face and went to eating.

The day went by too fast, I was already pulling up to my aunts house. I walked up the little path, and noticed Minseok’s car there.

“Aunt I'm here.” I announced and bowing at the little lady that came out from the kitchen.

“Nice to see you again my Niece, how has work been treating you?” She asked I nodded.

“Same as always.” I smiled.

“This came in the mail for you.” She said giving me a letter. As expected, my work Visa is going to expire soon. “Are you going to renew?” She asked.

“Are you?” Minseok asked sitting at the table.

“No, I think I'll go back to Los Angeles, go back to school.” I said looking at it. “Nothing is holding me back here.” I said again.

“You mean no one right? Cause I don't want you to leave, I'm sure my members wouldn't want you too either.” He said again, I shrugged.

“I'll be back again Minnie.. I'll always come back.” I said smiling. He nodded.

-week later-

“We're gunna miss you noona.” Hoseok said hugging me.

“I'll miss you guys too.” I said loading the last of my bag into the trunk of my cab, the only ones that showed were Hoseok, Minseok, and Seokjin.

“I tried telling him, he wouldn't listen.” Hoseok whispered. “He thought I was lying to him.” He looked at me then to his hyung.

“It's okay, I better get going.” I said, Minseok came up and hugged me and kissed my head.

“I'll see you soon, call me when you land okay.” He said. I nodded. I gave one last look the the three men in front of me.

A part of me wanted him to be here, but a part of me knew that it wasn't true that he wouldn't come.

After getting to the airport I was standing in line about to board the plane, there was some commotion, but I didn't think anything of it and got on the plane. Leaving Seoul behind, leaving Jimin behind.



“Hey, we're leaving to go see Noona, did you want to come?” Hoseok hyung asked.

“Why should I? I'll see her tomorrow.” I said looking back at my phone.

Hoseok shrugged and left with Namjoon.

“Oh, yeah? Okay, no I'm sure the new stylist will be fine… okay see ya.” Seokjin walked in to the room, “oh did they leave? I wanted to go see Hana before she left.” He said sitting down.

“What do you mean?” I asked looking at him.

“Hana, her work visa expired and is returning back to the states, yesterday was her last day, I thought you knew?” He asked I looked at him.

“Hung can you drive me to the airport?” I asked jumping up.

We sped to the airport, I didn't care if fans saw me, I needed to stop her. I looked for the flights for Los Angeles, boarding,

“Hyung I can't let her go.” I said running through security and running to her terminal, I seen her, but I was getting pulled away, I tried so hard to get to her, but I failed…

“Jimin?” I looked to see my hyung.

“I didn't… I didn't get to tell her…” I said looking at him, he gave me a small sad smile, as i looked back to the plane that just left...

I lost her…

There you go kids~

I'll have Tae's up soon.

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