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Hey Otakus & Steven Universe Community Members!

Today is our Steven Universe Moderator's Birthday! So let's all wish @SimplyAwkward a Happy Birthday!

Dear Otaku! Thank you for being such an amazing Vingler and Moderator it really isnt the same without you❤ I hope to see more stuff from you and thank you for all of your support I've been seeing you xD Once again Happy Birthday!

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@SimplyAwkward 🎉Happy Birthday!🎉 i hope u have a great day 😄 on ur B-day and may all ur wishes come ture
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Thank you
8 months ago
Happy Birthday moderator!! @SimplyAwkward
8 months ago·Reply
@AmyM30 Thank You
8 months ago·Reply
Happy late birthday! :)
8 months ago·Reply
@ThaPredictor Thank you
8 months ago·Reply