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I have no words for the new VIXX MV (that's a lie, I have a lot of words but they're all incoherent) so I'm going to take it slow and focus on little elements :)

One thing I loooooooooooooved about this MV was the water in the choreography. So, why not highlight some other awesome choreo that used water to its advantage?

1. VIXX - Shangri-La

lol why is this so funny to me >.<

2. SHINee - Ring Ding Dong

3. Kai/Sehun - Baby Don't Cry

4. TXVQ - Mirotic

5. Boyfriend - Water Teaser

6. 2PM - Without U

7. MBLAQ- Cry

8. BEAST - Breath

9. U-KISS - Neverland

10. Infinite - Come Back Again

I love that they're all super unique and use the water so well!

(side eyes kai sweet jesus)
This MV was gorgeous like seriously… as the song, I like the whole fusion of folk into it
Amen to that sister. I am incoherent about them as well. Can I say that my bias list was wrecked and I dont know who to stan anymore.
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What even is a bias in Vixx? I've just accepted the fact that I can never hold on to a bias for more than a month without changing my mind.
No Sistar or Grls day??
@micahsaysnihao when did they dance in water!?