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 Cast: Gong Yoo as Seo Yoon Jae Lee Min Jung as Kil Da Ran Shin Won Ho as Kang Kyung Joon Suzy (Miss A) as Jang Ma Ri Jang Hee Jin as Lee Se Young Recap Ep 1: Recap Ep 2: Recap Ep 3: Yoon Jae approaced Da Ran's face! But Da Ran didn't avoid! Yoon Jae was surprised! He said, "What? Why didn't you avoid! There is an 18-year-old soul inside this body!!" Da Ran said,"so this is how it feels..." Yoon Jae said, "What?? you never had it before??" Da Ran said (and the scenes flashed back), "Once...but I didn't feel it...he did it when I was sleeping in the car...I was to shy that I couldn't even open my eyes!" Da Ran said that she didn't remember how it feels, so suddenly Yoon Jae said,"Like this?" And he just kissed her!! OMG!! For like 2 seconds, Da Ran could'nt make her mind, but when she realized that it's Kyung Joon kissing her, she start beating him! Meanwhile, Ma Ri found out from Chung Sik that Da Ran is his sister and their teacher in the school. They went to hospital and Chung Sik even showed Yoon Jae's poster and said, "this is my brother in law." Ma Ri left while saying, "Why is everyone telling lie to me?" Da Ran went to Yoon Jae's house and found him eating pizza and coke (he's soooo unhealth concious!!totally opposite from real Yoon Jae). Da Ran gave him some material to study, because for Da Ran, Yoon Jae is still a high school student. Suddenly, a text message came to Yoon Jae. It was Ma Ri. Ma Ri asked him how he is doing, and he replied!!! (He didn't know that Ma Ri found out that Kyung Joon is in coma). Ma Ri sent her picture with Kyung Joon lying on the bed, and Yoon Jae was really panic!! Kyung Joon's uncle and aunt just left the hospital looking really happy. It seems that they are happy that Kyung Joon is not awake. Ma Ri, alone in Kyung Joon's room, tried to kiss himm...but...Yoon Jae came and shut her mouth. He then said, "Kyung Joon doesn't like you. He already has someone he likes." Ma Ri asked, "Who! He has noone he likes!" Yoon Jae suddenly said, "Yes he has! Its her (pointing at Da Ran)!" OMGGGG its Kyung Joon's confession!!! He said that he already fell for her since his first sight in the bus. He followed her intentionally. Ma Ri seemed so shattered to heard the news... Yoon Jae and Da Ran left the room satisfied. Yoon Jae said, "we already settled her. She will finally leave." But then Ma Ri followed them and asked Da Ran, "You don't like Kyung Joon, do you?? You have your fiancee, who is more good looking than Kyung Joon!" Da Ran said, "Oh yeah, he's the person I will marry." Ma Ri who smells something fishy said that Yoon Jae is wearing Kyung Joon's sweater! Next scene is Yoon Jae calling his mom. They didn't show us the mom's face, but his mom said, "Let's meet that day. Your dad will also go back to Korea that day." After he hung up, he asked Da Ran what day is that. But Da Ran also didn't know what day that is. Da Ran said that Yoon Jae's phone password is 0624, which coincidentally is Kyung Joon's birthday! Yoon Jae asked whether June 24 is Yoon Jae's bday, but she said it's not. They checked the phone calendar, and found a marked date on June 24, but there is no note about it. They finally show Yoon Jae's mom face!! Yoon Jae's mom was looking at a picture...of..2 angels grabbing each others' hand (the picture that Kyung Joon and Yoon Ja has). After she went home, she checked again Yoon Jae's phone, and she couldn't help but to see Se Young messages there (but she didn't suspect anything!!!). Meanwhile, Se Young went to her apartment (finding noone is there) and found her house key on the floor. She was so upset! The next morning, Da Ran had her breakfast with the parents, and the parents are so excited about the wedding preparation! How is she going to tell the parents what happened!" Da Ran finally asked Yoon Jae to run some errands for her. Suddenly Yoon Jae came again to the school, this time, driving a car. Da Ran scolded him for driving, but he said he has US driving license. The principal came out from school and saw Yoon Jae again. She asked, "So what's this time? You didn;t come with taxi this time..are you going to get some gas allowance for your car?" Suddenly Yoon Jae came to her and talk in Russian with the lady! He really impressed that lady! OH NO! Kyung Joon's uncle and aunt went to his house, and they found out that the stuffs and the clothes seems don't belong to Kyung Joon. The aunt said, "Did Kyung Joon's dad come?" But the uncle seems hesitant about that. They threw away his stuffs!!! So Da Ran and Yoon Jae went some shopping for their wedding!! They bought some blankets, and also couple pajamas hahaha (It's very interesting how Korean always wear the same outfit for their honeymoon). Yoon Jae wanted to try the pajama, but of course Da Ran didn't allow him. He said, "I will just go back home and prepare my own stuffs!!" and he left. Yoon Jae was in front of his house, looking at his childhood bed outside!!! thrown away by his uncle and aunt!!! This is really breaking my heart!!! He tried to drag that bed back to the house...but it is broken now! Da Ran was worried about him because he didn't pick the call and they have to meet at the real estate agent, so Da Ran rushed to his home, and found him trembling from the cold, sitting on his broken bed. HEART BREAKING!!! Da Ran surprisingly took out the stuff she bought for her wedding, and gave it to Yoon Jae to wear. She let him use the blanket, the pajama,she took out the new cups, pans, those precious new stuffs that she will keep only for real Yoon Jae. She is soo kind hearted. He finally fell asleep under that blanket, and when Yoon Jae wake up, Da Ran was about to prepare some meal for him. Da Ran touched his head, and asked whether he still has the fever. Yoon Jae said, "are you worried about Yoon Jae's body?" But Da Ran said," do you think so??" (I think she's being sincere). Da Ran went out and found the couple socks on the street... and it reminded her of real Yoon she visit Kyung Joon in the hospital, and put the socks on him. The scene flashed back to real Yoon Jae and Da Ran in the past. Yoon Jae said, that he like her not because he feels guilty and responsible, and he also said that he will take responsibility of her life forever. Sweeettt!!! The next day, Yoon Jae went to the bank, and withdraw all the money from the bank. Da Ran who is holding Yoon Jae's phone, was really shocked because she got the message from the bank. She ran to Yoon Jae, and it turned out that Yoon Jae already used that money to buy his own house (or in other words, their newlywed house) from his own uncle and aunt. Da Ran seemed so upset about that. Yoon Jae said, "I did wrong. It's just, there is nothing left for me except this house.." Da Ran finally said, "let's go inside and eat." The next thing we can see is them decorating the house with new furniture eheheheeehehe. They seem to enjoy their time together! Ma Ri is now with Chung Sik. I wonder why both of them are always together. They are now in his room. She look at some Yoon Jae's picture, and she said, "I don't like this ajussi. He's like Kyung Joon's copycat." Meanwhile in their new home, Yoon Jae was watching television, while Da Ran was cleaning. Da Ran told him to go buy some fruits because her parents will be coming soon. Suddenly a call came from Se Young, asking for a meet up. They met up and Se Young said, "What are you going to do with my house key? Are you going to keep this key?" Finally Yoon Jae kept the key again and went back to his house. However, it fell of from his pocket and Da Ran found out. She asked him about the key, but Yoon Jae said nervously, "It's a broken key." He then threw it away to the garbage plastic. On her way home, Da Ran kept thinking, about that key, and she remember seeing a message from Se Young said that "You don;t have to return it to me. You can keep it." She finally got the clue that it's Se Young's key, and she went back to Yoon Jae's house to get the key from the garbage. Yoon Jae just ran to get her, while Da Ran is already in front of Se Young's house, ready to put the key on. This is sooo sad. Her eyes are teary and she was trembling. She kinda know that the key will match. The door opened, but Yoon Jae came, close it again, and hugged her!!! Ohhhhh a am I supposed to wait until next week??!! Ep 5 Preview: ---------------------------------------------------------- Feel free to share this card by clicking on the f/t button! Don't forget to click on the ♥ button too! :) 
maybe YJ's fam think that KJ who is one of their fam member died and they are going to meet on 24th June for the death memorial.
i thought he could be the father but the there's only 12 year age gap so that's not possible. definitely brothers
This is insane, I think that YJ is either KJ Father or Older Brother - why was he leaving to LA which is KJ's hometown, why does he have the 24th circled - these are important clues to a birth secret.
@annalove24 yeah dearie just updated it sorry to keep u guys waitinggg!!! im sure u guys are really curious~ just like I am
@sapphire148 , thank you
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