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Thank goodness for the make up day extension, because this ONE card wad giving me so much hell. XD (Thanks @AimeBolanos!)

So, the theme was brothers last week, and I was pretty much breaking my brains for a good choice. XD
Then I remembered these two.
Yep, Yu-Gi-Oh's Seto and Mokuba Kaiba!

This may be a good time to admit that I happen to be a sucker for non-romantic relationships where both parties are super devoted to each other. This is one of those.
Either one of these two would go to the ends of the earth for each other, and I quite clearly remember Seto risking his life for his little brother on more than one occasion.
There's also the part where Mokuba is the only person to whom Seto behaves like a decent human being. He may be an unrepentant jerk to everybody else, but you know he'll always take care of his otouto.
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