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Some useful tips in Sapa tours

• Do not buy drugs or Ganoderma, tubers ventricular along to Ham Rong as China's mostly carryover - not as good as advertised and appreciated.

• You can buy souvenirs at the night market to the foot of Stone Church but remember to bargain carefully.
• The kinds of eye-catching colors Brocade usually Chinese.

• If you intend to drive the car for the street, remember to buy tourist Sapa maps for offline facilities, available at the tourist office or at the ticket counter to Ham Rong Mountain. Note that the steep road in Sapa tours, just fit the steering wheel rigidity.

• For information about the tour to discover Sapa tours, can ask at the hotel front desk. If you buy at the overnight tour, ask the hotel to see if that day did not reduce the room rate?

• Adventure Tours, you avoid high heels, tights, and instead should go to sports shoes, wide pants and a hat ...

• If not winter, daytime is not necessary to bring warm clothes too (because at that temperature is not too low and you walk quite so hot). Only people dress warm in the evenings only.

• Whether bushwalking decision, you should hire a guide to go along. They have experience, will guide visitors under the streets is very interesting.

• After the walking tour and visit places, to save energy, you should hire taxi or auto time goes on.

• As from Lao Cai to Sapa is a road segment elevation difference is very large, you should use headphones to help cotton was buzzing.
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