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Wassup guys!!!! Kim here with another chapter. I do apologise for not getting it out sooner. I do appreciate all the love that this story is getting. Again, comments and feed back are welcomed so let me know what you all think!!!!
You managed to beat Jay at your coffee shop by foot. Hum, I guess he was all talk. I would have thought that he was gonna be here already. It isn't the time we said to meet. I guess I'll give him 10 more minutes. You got in line to order your favorite drink and snack. Just when you was about to pay for your items, a credit card slipped pass to the barista. You looked to your left to see where the card came from and sure enough, a pair of pearly whites were smiling back at you. You gave Jay a small smile as you said thank you.

You walked away to go find a table. "What, you're not gonna wait on your food?" he asked while following you. They bring everything out to you, you said as you pulled your chair out. The two of you looked at each other, not saying a thing for a bit. Jay finally broke the ice by clearing his throat. "I know you're wondering why I sent you the text. To be honest, I never got a chance to tell you how sorry I am for hurting you. If I could go back in time to change everything, I would. I know this apology is a few years too late, but I knew that if I didn't apologize, then things between us will always stay awkward. I hope that maybe now there won't be too much tension between us. I am so sorry for all the pain I put you through. I hope that we can work through this and not be awkward around each other."

You closed your eyes to process everything. Were you able to forgive him for everything that he has done to you. You wasn't quite sure if you truly can get over on what happened. Your heart ached as the fact that he was at least trying to make amends, but your stubbornness wasn't letting it go that easily. He is apologizing to you for what he did. It doesn't make it right for what he done either. You do have to work with him, at least you don't have to be so cold towards him. Give him a chance to redeem himself for all these years. You ain't gotta get back with him, but it will make working with him more tolerable. Give him a chance.

I appreciate that you are reaching out and apologizing for what happened. Hopefully we won't be so awkward with each other anymore. I'll try not to be so hostel towards you from now on. Shake on it? You stuck your hand out to shake on a deal. "Sure," said Jay as he took your hand to shake. As soon as your fingers touched, you realize that you didn't want to let go. You brushed the thought aside and let go. You quickly grabbed your drink and quickly swallowed it, not realizing that it was still hot.

You nearly spit in Jay's face, but quickly turned your head. Jay quickly rushed over to your side. "Are you OK? Do you need me to get you some ice water to help?" he asked. You shook your head no. I'll be fine. You took your drink this time, sipping it slowly. I just made a complete idiot of myself in front of him. Girl, get it together!!!! You are not to fawn over him. Don't go fucking shit up!!!!

You were so lost in your thoughts you didn't realize that Jay was asking you a question. "Y/N??? Earth to y/n!!!!" You snapped out of it and looked over at him. "Do you want to take a walk along the boardwalk with me?" Jay asked. You pondered for a second before saying yes. You both got up and headed out to his car. He opens the door for you as you climbed in. Once settled, the two of you headed to the boardwalk.

You forgot how the boardwalk would help clear your thoughts. The view was breathtaking, stretching out towards the ocean. Once you stepped out, the smell of the salty ocean hits your nostrils. You forgot that you came with Jay as you started walking towards the railing to get a better view. You leaned over and let the waves crashing against the sand consumes you.

Jay notice a switch in your mood as soon as you stepped out the car. It was a more calming feel towards you. I wonder if this would be a good time to discuss my feelings for her. I'm glad that she accepted my apology. I know it's going to take a lot of work to win back her trust and her heart, but I'm willing to do whatever it takes. She's so beautiful looking at the ocean. I hope she would let me hold her. Jay walks over to you and leans next to you. "Beautiful view, isn't it?"Β  Yes it is turning towards him. I forgot how calming the ocean can be and how beautiful this place is. I forgot how this has an effect on me. Jay looks at you and smiles. "I'm glad that I could bring you here to help." You looked up at him and genuinely smiled. You then look back at the water and started humming a song. "You have a pretty voice," he said. You instantly started to blush as you said thanks. You started to shiver a bit as you glanced down at your phone. You didn't realize that it was so late out. Jay noticed you shivering and took off his jacket and placed it around your shoulders. "Time flies when you're at peace, eh?" You shook your head yes. "Come on, let me take you back home." You sigh, not wanting to leave, and look out towards the ocean once more and followed him towards his car.

The ride back to your place was quiet. You knew that tomorrow you had another long day filled with meetings, which you were not looking forward to. "I'm glad that you came out and spent the afternoon with me. Maybe once in a while, I could possibly take you out just to help clear your mind," Jay said. You gave him a small half smile. I'd like that. I hope you have a good night. I'll see you tomorrow. You reached over and was about to exit the car when his hand grabbed yours. You looked over at him with wide surprised eyes. "I'm sorry, I had a great time with you and I just didn't want the night to end." You giggled and slowly pryed his hand off yours. Soon as you did it, you felt a coldness on yours. I'll see you tomorrow at the meeting. Remember, I don't date my clients. Thank you for the drink and for the afternoon. You exit out the car and walked into your building. Jay leaned back in his seat, running his hands across his face. I know you don't date your clients, but you will someday soon.

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awwww that's cute but Jay don't piss her off more by risking her job
WHAT!? uh uh Mr. Park!! Why you trying to make her break her rule on Professionalism?!? That's not nice... But it is quite fun. lmaoo
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