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Being an international K-pop fan has its ups and downs and sometimes your parents won’t make your life any easier. If you’ve ever tried to explain to them your love for Korean music and culture, some of the following situations will definitely look familiar.
I found this and I'm sure many have read this but I thought I could share because I love sharing

1. Total indifference
They can be extremely unaffected by your new addiction, especially if you are one of those people who gets obsessed with new things all the time. Don’t give up! Soon they will realize that this is more than just “a little crush”!

2. So what’s up with your Chinese boys?
How many times do you have to tell them that your favorites are NOT from China or Japan? A hundred, probably. Be patient, they’ll come around…eventually…
we all have heard this from time to time or still do.

This is not the way you imagined it would go, but somehow your parents figured out PSY is actually from Korea just like your biases. Now they are fairly convinced that you are the biggest “Gangnam Style” fan out there and they are even willing to dance with you when the song is on.
I swear that my parents say all the time.
4. But they wear more make up than you!
If you are lucky enough to gather your parents in front of your computer to show them your favorite groups, there’s a high chance they will criticize them. Are they boys or girls? Why the makeup? The video is so weird!

Prepare yourself! It can be worse than your friends’ first reaction.
You can’t help but sit there like:
yup every day when I'm either drawing I am asked on why they look like girls.
5. Your mom slowly becomes a fan
You saw it coming because people can’t ignore K-pop for too long, but it’s still funny to catch your mother humming one of your tunes. Teaching her the names of idols and helping her to find her biases can be even more entertaining.
yup haven't got to this step yet lol
Let’s be real: they don’t. You might have told them a million times that it’s Jin and not Jim, but they are still lost in the sauce. Be more understanding and think back of the time when you couldn’t tell the members apart.
funny thing is my brothers listen to kpop but not as me. When they point out one of the members of BTS and name them wrong lol.
7. The proud mom moments
They might not show you, but they’re actually really proud of you. They realized that you are open to new cultures and became a part of a special community. They will eventually mention your love for K-pop to their friends and colleagues to show them how cool you are.

yup I don't see this happening anytime soon lol
Unfortunately that won’t mean they are willing to pay for your concert ticket and merchandise, so it’s time to hit the jackpot, baby!

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They you guys have it, 7 ways parents react to kpop. my dad understands that kpop is my way of an escape. Have your parents acted this way? if so share on how they reacted.
My mom used to be number 2, now she's number 5.... what have I done?
My mom can recognize the members of bands i listen to now and she uses Korean slang
she even watches videos online during her own time
And there is none of the above. My daughter is 2nd generation kpop. And yes, I paid for her ticket to Monsta X since I kinda felt bad for going to see EXO without her. She was away at school though.
My mom is now a huge BAP fan...although she thinks everyone is her baby (Yongguk). She has listen to some of their songs and let's me go anywhere if it's related to them (went to their concert because of this). Although it's too much for her, so this may be the only group she will tolerate. She does like Lunaflys Spanish songs