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"The sweet and caring nature of Jimin."
"The hyperness of V."
"The sunshine personality of Hobi."
"The serious yet calm nature of Suga."
"The responsibility of Rap Mon."
"The kind nature, big heart and confidence of Jin."

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These boys are true brothers. I mean, American bands have a hard time staying together (MCR, Panic at the Disco etc). And these boys live together and share everything about their lives together. Jungkook would definitely be a totally different person if they didn't raise him. I also find it incredibly sweet that v and Jimin are only two years older than him and were still growing themselves when they were raising Kookie. 💙 The most beautiful family 💙💚😄
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Awwww 😢💕 Thats so true !!
8 months ago
I am a proud Army in realizing that they are six amazing dads!!
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I am so proud on how they raise him into the young man we all know and love. and it is true on how we see a little bit of each member in our baby bunny.
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No, i'm not crying 😢😢😢😢
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omgoodness I love this!
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