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Bangtan Hustle Part 3 (+19)


It has been 4 months since that day in Maple Park. Namjoon and I have this chemistry is so weird. It's so hot ppl around us can feel it. I'm trying my best at this relationship thing but it can be super difficult. I didnt really develop those skills.

I'm in Namjoon's condo that he has been trying to get me to move in with him. But I'm not leaving my sister. She did a big yhing allowing me to live with her when I didn't have anything.

I'm about to surprise him and the gang with dinner. I'm thinking maybe tonight when they all leave I might give him a little taste of this chocolate. Hes been begging for it. I'm getting dressed in his room and I find some pink panties in his drawer. I'm ready to go to war.

What the fuck? I was so stupid to think he was any different.

After I calmed down and finished dressing. i can hear the timer go off and the boys come in.

"Yes big sister is here! Smell good!" Jungkook yells while looking for me.

Jessamine put on a smile.....

I appear frim the bedroom with a smile. Tae and Jungkook run to me and hug me to death. They are like the little brothers I always wanted.

"Now now let papi hug his kitten first." Namjoon said.

I gavr him a side hug. Yoongi and Jin laughs.

"You in trouble Namjoon." Jimin blurts.

"Hush amd let's eat." I said ignoring Namjoon's look of confusion on his face.

We sat down to eat some enchiladas, beans and rice. Jimin had been asking to taste some Mexican food. He was super happy to dig in. After dinner Hobi and Jimin cleaned up. Then the guys left.

I stood outside on the patio with those panties balled up in my hand. Namjoon came outsidr and hugged me from behind.

"Baby what is wrong?"

I turned around and threw the panties at him.

"Um these are not my size." He laughed.

"Who the fuck is she Namjoon!" I yelled.

"Ah you think I'm cheating. Baby these are for you."

"Don't fucking lie to me Kim Namjoon!"

I was about to cry. Namjoon took my hand and took me to the bedroom.
"Look here is a while drawer of bras and panties for you. Look the tag still on these too. I was trying to make you a space so you would reconsider moving in with me. But you know I get distracted and didn't organize the drawer all the way."

I looked at the panties in his hand and seen the tag. And looked athe the array of beautiful bra sets in the drawer.

"Baby I'm so sorry. I thought..."

Namjoon grabbed me and hugged me. "It is okay baby girl. I told you, you can trust me."

He kissed me deeply. He found his way inside my mouth. The kisses were endless. He slipped me out my red dress and began kissing my neck causing a soft moan to escape.

He unhooked my bra without any issues. Then he sat me on his lap facing him. He began sucking on my right breast. My nipple harden in his warm soft mouth. I moaned louder as he moved to the left on. I played in his hair.

He moved back to my lips and began suvjing on my kips as he moved my panties to the side and slipped his long index finger inside me. I gasped as he plunged deep inside me.

"Ah you are so tight baby....relax. Papi will treat you right." He whispered in my ear before licking it.

He moved back to my right chest as he maneuvered his hand to rub my clit while still fingering me. I felt the flood gates gushing out. He looked me dead in the eye.

"Look at me. Tell me you love it." He said

"Yes I love it." I moaned.

He slipped in another finger stretching me wider. I could hear the wetness.

"Tell me you are sorry for not trusting me."

I bit my lip and ignored his request. .

"I said apologize baby." He slipped in another finger while digging deeper.

"I'm sorry papi...I'm so sorry."

He grinned and threw me on the bed. He opened me wide and pulled off my panties and began sucking on my swollen nub while inserting his three fingers again.

As soon as I closed my eyes he spanked me.

"I said look at me. Watch me make you come." He groaned.

I watched as he sucked me and rubbed me insides with his talented fingers. I felt a fire burn all over my body. My body began to shake and then Namjoon began softly slapping my nub causing me to squirt all over the place.

My eyes rolled back. I felt like I died and came back to life. I was super soaked. Namjonn kissed my inner thigh.

"Mmm I always loved chocolate."

" got me all wet." I gasped.

"Yeah...I see. Delicious though. You can pay me back later." Namjoon winked trying to play cool and ignore the fact that he was hard as a rock.

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