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Hello Bouncers! It's Melissa with JJP Bias vs Bias Tuesday! Which Bias is going to win this week? So far JB been staying top of this battle. Now for this week, Who is more cute and funny? JB? Jinyoung? Who Knows? Let's find out...

Please cast your vote in the comments! We will find out on Saturday who is the Winner!

*Side note- Don't forget about our Spring Event. The Deadline is May 24th. The categories are Fan fiction, fan art and poetry. You still have time to post your JJP entry.
@TaraJenner So JB then?
I'm all about JB, but he is more chic and sexy than cute and funny. Jinyoung is adorably cute and funny, so though I want to vote for Jaebum with my heart, i have to go with Jinyoung this week, and this week only. Why do I feel like a traitor? I have to say that in the Jinyoung video I was focused more on Jackson putting on sunscreen than anything else in that segment. Also, I wish Yugyeom's pink hair would make a come back. No, I take it back. My vote goes to JB because I only had eyes for him when watching his video, while I was distracted by Jackson, Yugyeom, and Jaebum during Jinyoung's. Sorry guys.