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Ok I just really wanted to laud more love for the master's sun and the I hear your voice,the two lovely dramas I just finished watching *sigh* I'm pretty sure I'll soon rewatch,ok truth be told I've already rewatched I hear your voice I Hear your Voice First of all Lee Jong Suk has sealed and stamped my love and crush for him as an actor(I've always loved him as a birthday mate LOL I know I say this all the time but I can't help clinching to such a cute person) he's a natural natural actor his acting looks at ease I don't know how to put it,he doesn't act like he's acting instead he looks just how a person acts in real life he has appropriate actions at appriopriate times,I just loove him he's at no. 1 right now I really don't like Lee min ho as Kim Tan so Lee Jong Suk takes No 1. Until lee Min Ho steps it up again Lawyer Cha(oska in secret garden) is soooo adorable and sweet and cute and totally my ahjusshi crush I was rooting for him(tho I was also rooting for park soo ha) I was a bit crushed wen he gave up on jjang byun.I still love him tho Lawyer Jang:I just loved her the way she used to praise herself and the way she walks to and her embarrasing thoughts(humiliation utter humiliation) Prosecutor lady(I can't believe I can't remember her name)anyways I'm talking about lawyer jang's enefriend(reverse of frenemy-a word borrowed from dramabean's dictionary)I really liked her development throughout the drama and I liked the fact that she and lawyer jang eventually came to understand each other and I detected a smidge of love btw them. I also liked the ajhussi public defender(I can't remember his name either*hands over face*) and the office clerk(can't remember his name either ^o^) especially his dress sense The script was well written imo no recycling oF crisis well paced and really was a very nice drama It wouldn't hurt to have park soo ha's ability tho selective hearing ofcourse I wouldn't want to hear everyone's thoughts only the ones I want to hear The best scene for me was the aquarium scene to me,the scenery the music the kiss the sad smile park soo ha had after kissing her thw way he held her to him it was just absolutely perfect *sigh* *sigh again* I remember rewinding that scene numerous times I'm going to miss the cast and I look forward to Lee Jong Suk's next drama,my one and only taeyang(taeyang means SUN right?) The Lee Jong Suk's Lone picture is soooo my phone's wallpaper atm :D \(^o^)/ Side note:I still love Lee Min Ho he's just not number one at the moment
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lee dae he working with both in one year