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One last makeup day and one last card I have left... and here I go. Quick warning, the images I chose may contain spoilers.
That said, this one was kind of hard, because there really is no anime world I don't want to go to. However, if forced at gunpoint to choose, I would go with the walled kingdom in Attack On Titan.
Because first of all... have you seen this place?
Seriously. Have you seen this place?
Yeah, I know everyone's probably too busy running from man-eating giants to appreciate the scenery, but not me. I mean, if I had to rate this place on a scale of one to ten, I'd rate it Studio Ghibli.
I could just imagine myself living in a cabin in the woods here, all to myself, working on a novel.
Only I didn't come to write a novel. I came to become a soldier and kill titans.
But hey, who says I can't be both? I can be a soldier and just write my book between missions. Or on them.
And heck, even if I die at some point, it'd totally be worth it.