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So I didn't really share this on Vingle but I WENT TO SEE VIXX LAST FRIDAY AND OMG.

You can get a full fan account below in the video (with the help of my friend YO HOMEGIRL) but also PLS check out the other two videos below!!

Fan account:
PS I went on Friday which means Hyuk started sobbing, Hakyeon had a wardrobe malfunction, and we were the first people to see their new song performed. I also sat next to people we're 99% sure are Jellyfish trainees (pic in video) and we're DONE GUYS. JELLY GON KILL US.

The maknae line STOLE THE SHOW, seriously. Hyuk's solo killed me, revived me, and killed me again, I am still not over it.

and Hongbin's voice?! OMG?! It has improved SO MUCH and he's an actual Disney Prince omg.

Here's Hakyeon killing it too!

I haven't found vids for Leo, Ravi, or Ken but good looooord they were all amazing!

I am a little jealous right now. Someday I do hope to see VIXX in concert.
i hope you get to see them too! they just keep getting better and better!
Ahhh that is awesome, I sent my starlight friend a link haha I'm glad you had fun!!
i totally did omg ㅠㅠ and thank you!!!