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Ok time for The Master's Sun!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! I absolutely totally everything-ly Love this drama,it was fun,witty a total win win for the Hong Sisters after that disastrous drama 'BIG' I sooo wish Gong Yoo wasn't in that drama cos I love him so anyways back to master's sun So Ji Sub totally won me over with his funny acting and weird gestures my best gesture was 'Get Lost'+the hand wave over his face and my best phrase 'tell her this You.bad.bitch(sounds much better in korean) I liked the way he was always making up lame excuses just to have Taeyang touch him I totally felt this closeness between them not between the characters but between them(so ji sub&Gong Hyo Jin)there was this thing I can't describe between them especially in the last episode I even read somewhere that the very last kiss the last one before the end end wasn't actually in the script it was just ad libbed by So Ji Sub(cheeky bastard) What totally killed me was tae Gong shil's 'Jesus Save Me' night gown it was soooooo hilarious I also loved whenever she was possessed after drinking,especially when she was a Dog,Cat,ballerina and the flirty ballerina those where my absolute favourites I liked kang woo too he turned out to be a lovely second lead and little sun yi ryung too became a favourite of mine,she loved taeyang in our way even though she doesn't show it and I absolutely loved that white and black striped cropped top she wore in a particular scene I also liked the fact that secretary kim and his uncle weren't sinister evil people but people who genuinely loved Jo joong won Considering this is the first time I'm seeing both so ji sub and gong hyo jin(I hope I got her name right) in a drama I was completely taken in by both of them and I really liked tayang's character And also the lady that acted as the older Real hee Joo(Fake hanna also the vet in city hunter) is a good actress considering the fact that I liked her character in city hunter as she looked nice and harmless but she came on as strongly evil in master's sun and to cap it all my favourite anjumma(jo joong won's aunt) who is in every korean drama was also in the drama I'm really going to miss the drama thouim sure I'm still going to rewatch it one day soon but I'm still going to miss so ji sub's 'get lost+handwave over face' Is it just me or does the young jo joong won look like Lee Min Ho in City hunter or maybe its just cos of the similar haircuts?!
MY FAVOURITE DRAAMAA <3 why cant i get them out of my mind !
I love this drama too much. Too much!! lol