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My Favorite Short Haired Girl Idols

I genuinely did not notice Eunha from GFRIEND until she got her hair cut. I love it so much and since its trendy now there are so many more short hair cuts that I'm super jealous of:

Sooyoung, SNSD
Joy, Red Velvet
Binnie, Oh My Girl
Hyeri, Girls Day
Bora, Sistar
Jimin, AOA

Do you like short or long hair on these lovely ladies?!

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I think short hair suits Joy
6 months ago·Reply
I like these, also I love sunny from snsd's short hair.
6 months ago·Reply
how did i forget her omg?!
6 months ago
I love Hwasa's (Mamamoo) short hair! "Hwalion"
6 months ago·Reply
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I cut my hair to look more like Hwasa and my best friend calls me Mommy now because she's like the biggest mamamoo fan ever. Hwasa is my queen, she infires me.
6 months ago