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Hello IGOT7! It's Melissa with the next chapter of my Markson Fan Fiction. I hope you all are enjoying it so far. Do you need to catch up or just refresh your memory? I got it!
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Chapter 3 Mark’s POV It's finally the day I'm able to get close to the girl of my dreams. She will help complete me. I always felt that something was missing. I just didn't know what it was, until I meet her. I do have Jackson, but he's part of my life. He's a permanent fixture. I'm hoping to make her another fixture in my life. I first noticed her in one of my classes. She was so focused on the lesson, that she didn't noticed me staring. She took my breath away with her beauty. I followed her out of class. She was walking towards a girl I knew. MiNa was in one of classes and activity club. MiNa would always be flirting with me. A plan forms in my head on how I can get close to my dream girl. I know Jackson won't agree with my method, so I'll just keep my plan to myself for now. The next day, I ran into MiNa. I acted like I was happy to see her. She was surprised at first but recovered quickly. She had her smug look, that said oh yeah! He finally noticed me. I mentally rolled my eyes, and gave her a smile. Hi MiNa! How are you doing today? I asked her while standing next to her. I'm doing good, even better now She answered with a wink and smile. Do you want to hang out some time? So we can get to know each better. She asks me Sure we can! You never have too many friends I joke with her. She looks disappointed but covers it quickly with a smile. If I wasn't watching her closely, I would've missed it. Of course as friends She says with a weak smile. After that we started hanging out for coffee or lunch, just studying together. I finally brought up her friend. So who is that girl you always hang out? I asked her while we studying at Cafe near by. Well I'm actually tutoring MiNa. She's been struggling with picking up her grades. Who? She asks before realizing who I meant. Oh! That's my roommate and best friend Kim Seuni. She is a great girl but just a little too serious. She's all about studying. I try to help her out by showing some fun while she's still young enough MiNa just starts talking about her friend, Seuni. The more she talked about her, then more I knew she was perfect. One afternoon, I casually asked MiNa if you would like to go to movies with me and Jackson. By then, she knew about how close we are. She thinks it's because we are best friends, which we are. She looked kind of disappointed when I mentioned Jackson. It wouldn't be the first time Jackson hang out with us. But for some odd reason, they can't stand each other. She hesitated a moment, then like a light bulb, her face lit up. I got a great idea! She starts saying. I will invite Seuni to join us. Maybe her and Jackson can hook up. She needs a boyfriend. She says laughing. It kind of upset me on how she ridicules Seuni like that. Just because she's career oriented, doesn't make her a dull person. That's a great idea about asking her to join us, but I'm not sure about hooking her up with Jackson. He's not really into dating. I tried to explain but she interprets with a laugh That's ok! Seuni isn't into dating either. She is too focus on goals. She thinks dating is too time consuming. Can you believe that? Sometimes I wonder why we are friends? I guess we balance each other out. That could be true. I agreed with her. So yes to a group outing? I asked but already knew the answer. Now here we are heading to the movie theater in my car. I can feel Jackson's stare, but I chose to ignore it. I know he knows what I'm doing, and doesn't like it. I also know that Jackson is attracted to Seuni too. We need to have a serious discussion after this group outing. I'm going to have to come clean to him. Whatever happens will happen, but the outcome is same.

How will Jackson react to Mark's behavior? What does he really think about Seuni? Jackson's turn to share his point of view.
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@luna1171 what @MelissaGarza is doing is being a damned tease! she knows what the hell I meant. I see you Mel. Imma remember that...
@MelissaGarza no pressure Iam just saying, is that we like it too much..hehe😂😂😂
@luna1171 I know but I'm taking it as a compliment 😁
@MelissaGarza I think what she means is she wants more. like...(longer?)😂
@luna1171 yep. she playing dumb on purpose, like she doesn't know she's teasing folks... Mel is smart as hell, so I know she playing! I got you @MelissaGarza. I see you... lmaooooooooo
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