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Wassup guys!!! Happy Tuesday!!!! Kim here just sharing you all some of my favorite videos of Super Junior. Personally, I love all their videos, but one in particular I can keep playing on repeat!!!!

This song right here is life!!!!!!!! I love the concept of this video. That dance with Eunhyuk is just......YYAASSS!!!!!!! But why Donghae gotta get me with the sad face and the tear drop at the end?????? He makes me wanna reach out to him and touch his face to wipe that tear and just hold him!!!!!!

Of course I had to get the preformance version too.

Is it bad that I've watched the live version and the music video x amount of time while making this card
So Imma go back to watching this video since I can never get enough. I'll see ya'll in the next card!!!!!
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Same this is currently my fave song and mv by them. I also love the story version of mamacita because they are so dorky lol.
Oh yeah!!!!
Its definitely one of their best songs. ❤
This is definitely in my top 5