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cr: jooni.com Tan: No more family in the fight between you and me. YD: Then there is only one thing left for us. Poor Cha Eun Sang. ES: Because the midterms are a day after tomorrow. Tan: How did you get first place? MS: Wow, daebak. R: What do I need to do to break off the engagement between me and Tan? Tan: What is it that you want to gain by doing this? R: Whether you can exchange everything you have with ES. YD: But you come out of Kim Tan’s house. At dawn. Who are you? Tan: Let’s date. Starting today.
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this reminds me... why doesn't Eunsang ever walk around with her heads up? She always get into center of the most unfortunate situation because she is always texting!!!
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@2nell LOL you brought up good point! First day at school.... lol
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why in Singapore are not be able to watch the video. ..???
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@dewaRosalie are here also in singapore?
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But why same videos can't view...??? There just have tacks video are not available to watch in your country.
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