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Here's my last make up card! Now, this character has been one of my favorites for a long time! His badass attitude makes him pretty damn cool and his superpower makes him even cooler! He has been referred to as Pikachu by many fans, although I would say he's more like Pikachu way back when Pokémon began (when Pikachu didn't like Ash lol). Anyway, do you guys have an idea yet? Well, it'ssssssssss:
Laxus Dreyar // Fairytail Laxus is easily one of the coolest characters in Fairytail. I chose him for his superpower because he has lightning dragon slayer magic. One, I've always wanted to have lightning superpowers! And two, who wouldn't want to be a dragon slayer?!! They're so freaking awesome! So awesome in fact that I'm even writing a fanfic about Laxus and the other dragon slayers lol. Anyway, Laxus's magic is so cool because it's fast and extremely powerful, so powerful that he made S-Class! I'll have to keep wishing to get superpowers like his! That's my last card for this giveaway everyone! I had so much fun planning and creating these cards, I'd love to participate in another! Have an amazing day everyone! Check out my other cards!

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