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I know I've been awol for awhile now but I have been trying to finish up writing chapters so that I could start new stories.
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Alright here we go on with the story.....❤❤

"mmm" I moaned starting to wake up. Something was on my neck. As I was waking up I realized what it was. Mark was biting and sucking on my neck.

"Mark" I laughed pushing him lightly away.

"What I couldn't help myself." he said pressing his lips to mine. I had to admit I liked him waking me up this way. I was going to enjoy this. I rolled over to get on top of him.

"I like this view." he said placing his hands on my sides.

"What me on top of you?" I smirked

"Yes, and the fact that you're still naked from last night." he smirked as I glanced down. How could I forget I was naked. I guess I just didn't care. While I was realizing this he flipped us over.

"I'm going to wake the neighbors with your moans." he said and grabbed a little wrapper and quickly slipped the item on himself before pushing into me. I don't think I would get used to his size. He must have know I needed to adjust to him again because he started off slow until I gave him the OK to do what he wanted.

"Harder." I let slip out and he knew what he was allowed to do now. He started thrusting harder and faster. Both of our moans filled the room, and the apartment. We both knew this wasn't going to last long. Every time he slammed into me I could feel my end coming. I gripped onto him running my fingers down his back. He pulled one of my legs next to his head and my other leg was pinned between us. He was coming to an end and with a moan from him as he did a final thrust caused us both finish. He pulled out and collapsed next to me.

"Best morning ever." I laughed turning to him.

"I like you." he said trying to catch his breath.

"I like you too otherwise I wouldn't have done any of that." I pointed between us and did a hand gesture trying to explain what we had been doing.

"(y/n) where have you been all my life?" Mark asked

"Oh you know here and there....I don't stay in one place too long...maybe a few hours maybe a few depends on what I'm doing that day." I was being a smart ass now but he knew what I was doing.

"Ha ha true, I'm glad I found you now."

"Really?" I looked at him. Could something amazing come from us? I really hoped but I was afraid of getting hurt at the same time.

"Yeah....I mean...." As he started talking my phone rang.

"Hold on." I said grabbing my phone to see that it was Maria. I answered.


"Seriously our bedrooms aren't even on the same wall....I heard you two going at it this morning." Maria said into the phone and I started laughing.

"That was our goal."

"Well congratulations. Now go home so I can get back to sleep."

"Ok..." I smiled and hung up. I looked at the time on my phone it was 8am on a Saturday.

"Who was that?"

"Maria we woke the neighbors." I smiled and got out of his bed and started getting dressed.

"Where are you going?" he asked

"I should go home. I have plans today."

"What? With who?" he asked getting up and putting his boxers on.

"Does that matter?" I asked

"I guess not." he turned around to find his shirt.

"Oh my gosh!" I saw the marks I had left on his back.

"What?" he asked turning around looking at me.

"I left some marks on you."

"My neck?" he asked touching his neck.

"No your back."

"Oh that's ok. Obviously they don't hurt." he said turning back around and grabbing his shirt and slipping it on.

"Well thanks for....well the sleep over." I said laughing as we walked to his door.

"Yeah, text me when you get home. Otherwise I will come to you." I laughed

"OK, OK. Expect to get a text in a few." I quickly kissed his lips and then walked off. I quickly got to my car and drove home. When I got home I locked my car and then started to fiddled with my keys to get my house keys out. I wasn't paying attention when I was putting my keys in the lock someone came up behind me.

"(y/n)" I froze. I knew who it was and I wasn't ready to face him just yet. I turned around.

"Hey, what are you doing here?" I asked

"I wanted to talk."

"At 8 in the morning?"

"I didn't know when you'd be home."

"Yeah I'm tired I had a long night and I'm not in the mood to....."

"You can't keep avoiding me!" he yelled causing me to flinch.

How was I going to get rid of him?



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