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I guess things are getting serious. Namjoon asked me to go with him to some fancy dinner meeting for the Yong Gang. This was an induction meeting. Hobi was telling me that since Namjoon is next in line for power that the group elders want him to have a worthy mate to help support him if he decides not to be single. So I would have to join.

"Worthy Hobi? I dont need some stuff neck old ppl measuring my worthiness!" I said while crossing my arms.

"It's not like that. Actually we all put in a good word for you. The crew loves you! Namjoon has changed since you two been together. He actually makes rational decisons. His head is on tighter." Hobi smiled and touched my hand.

"I'm not Korean or any tpye of Asian Hobi."

"That doesn't matter. Its all about what you can bring to the table."

I thought about it. When Namjoon asked me I said no right of the back. I already was in the Tiger Clan. I have been since I was about 14. They too helped me out when I needed food or money. Besides thats how Kardi and I was linked up. Right next to the Yongs the Tigers are very powerful. Namjoon sent Hobi cuz he knows Hobi has this gentle positive spin on shit.

I'm getting dressed. The attire must be black. I wanted to look cute but not give an obvious sign I was a dancer. Once dressed Namjoon rolled up in a limo with his crew.
"Baby why you so quite?" Namjoon asked.

"I'm nervous. I have no idea why I let you...and Hobi talk me into this."

"Ah big sis we are happy you said yes. Now we cam be even closer." Jungkook said.

"It's not that bad." Yoongi said.

We rolled up to some fancy resturant named Golden plates. I heard of this place but never went since the food was fucking expensive.

"The food here is great." Jin said

"Plus my parents own this resturant, so you csn ask me about the menu Jessamine." Jimin said with a warm smile.

I sat next to Namjoon. Some random people gave speeches and we had many toast to some dumb shit. They were very proper. Then Namjoon had to talk. He looked so sexy up there in that suite that fit him like a glove. I'm low key cheering him.

Yass papi yasss!

He looks at me the whole time. Then he says his speech in English. At the end he says I hope you will welcome my partner in crime Jessamine. She is the reason for the strengthening of my leadership skills. Please accept her. I almost cried.

He sat down and dinner was served. The elders would vote during dinner and give their results during dessert. I was chatting with some of the other members. I was impressed on how successful the women were also in the gang. They gave me encouragement and told me the gang need new fresh women.

Finally dessert came. I was digging into my lime cheesecake when I felt Namjoon's hand creep up my thigh. I tried pushing it away but he would not give in. One elder gave another speech about the progress of the stocks. It was super boring. Suddenly I felt Namjoon slip his up my dress and slide my thin thongs to the side.

I stuffed my mouth with cheesecake and look as if I was paying attention. He was acting as if all his attention was on the speaker. He was playing with my nub. The next speaker Mr. Wong came up and was going on how the results are calculated. Namjoon proceeded to insert a finger deep inside me. I bit down on my fork and pushed out a smile as people looked my way.

"Considering that Ms. Jessamine has connections with the Tiger Clan and has had a positive impact on Namjoon and his crew we will allow her to join. However, she will have to attend many training for a smooth transition." Mr. Wong said.

Then I had to say something. Namjoon quickly stopped teasing me and I stood up. I said my speech in Korean.

"I'm so thankful and happy that you all would permit me memebership. I will do my best and please look aftet me."

Their faces were priceless. We had a toast and I sat back down. I looked at Namjoon who was sucking on his fingers.

"You freak." I whispered.

"You never told me you spoke Korean." He whispered.

I smiled and ignored him. He slipped me a note and told me to read after the event. If I didn't listen I would have to do what it said right there and then.

Namjoon knows I'm nosey. I opened it up as soon as he gave it to me.

Go to the bathroom.....

WTF does that mean? I excuse myself and head to the bathroom.

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@FromBlue2U bahhahahaha
dude yes the finger under the table now bathroom sex only thing that could make it better if someone walks in πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I'm dead ass! nothing greater in my opinion.
in all honesty, I love public bathroom sex. it's second only to car sex.