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I hate mosquitoes with a freaking passion and if I could I would make it my life mission to kill every last one. But when it comes to mosquito girl... she makes it look good, and if every mosquito looked like her I'm sure we all wouldn't mind. (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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what anime?
7 months ago·Reply
@RodneyYoung one punch man
7 months ago·Reply
Wtf why does that mosquito look sexy?!?! 😱
7 months ago·Reply
Lol wait, I just realized this was a Waifu Wednesday. Well played, anime world... well played.
7 months ago
lmao i forgot she was in that anime 😂😅
7 months ago·Reply
lol gets squashed like a bug......
7 months ago·Reply