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The next morning, his dark hyung bounced on his bed, holding his ipad. He had a big smile.

“Why are you in my bed, hyung, I'm not in the mood.” The maknae said sleepily.

“You have to get up anyway. Hurry, get up!” He nudged him in the side, “Get up, take a look at this…”

The maknae rolled over, leaning his head against his hyung’s shoulder, trying to focus on the screen. As he read what it said, he snatched the ipad away.

“That's how they knew…” he said scrolling up and down at the SNS sites.

“So you were there?”

“Yea, the manager got me out before, so that's what he meant that there was a horde of them heading up there.” He thought about it, “Did they go to that room?” He looked at his hyung.

“According to this person, they gave the room away by putting a big X on it.” His hyung swung his arms in a big X motion.

“I wonder who it is…” he asked looking at the screen again, hoping to see a name.

“Do you actually have to wonder who it is?” The dark one asked, “I think she's trying to save you… She wants you back where you belong.”

The maknae stuck his bottom lip out, “I'm the one that's supposed to do that.”

The dark one sighed happily, “That noona, she amazes me.” He put his arms behind his head and smiled, “Mmmmy noonaaah”

“Yah! That's my noona!” The maknae said, he rolled on top of his hyung and tried to playfully suffocate him with a pillow, “find your own.”

“No, I want yours!” he laughed, “give her to me!”

They rolled onto the floor, wrestling when their leader came in. The dark one had his little brother in a headlock. The leader just shook his head and stepped over them. The maknae reached for their leader as he walked by, crying for help.

“Stop playing around, we have to get going. There was a change in the schedule.”

The dark one released their dongsaeng, smacked his butt a couple times and ran out the door. The maknae laid on the floor, looking up at his roommate.

“Hyung. What's going on today?”

“Their sending us to Ulsan early, we weren't supposed to go until tomorrow but they moved it up on account of what's going on.” The leader looked down at him, pressed his foot into the maknae's chest, “What have you done? If you were going to betray her this way, you should have left her alone.” He threw his towel on him.

“I'm trying to protect her. I told you, she's my life.” The maknae said. He got up, following his hyung into the bathroom, “I swore to you I would never hurt her.”

His leader brushed his teeth and told him to get ready. Not wanting to discuss it anymore.

When they arrived at the company, it was chaotic. Fangirls were standing around outside. As they filed out of the van one by one, they all started screaming. When the maknae jumped out, some of the girls were throwing flowers at him, telling him not to worry, they're going to protect him. He just bowed as he went in. Then suddenly, someone grabbed his hand and wouldn't let go. He looked back. Between the mask and the hoodie, he seen familiar eyes, then she spoke.

“Don't worry, oppa, I'll protect you.”

One of the other managers came running back, tore their hands apart and ushered him into the building. He stood at the door as it closed, he could see his noona standing there among the fans. She held her hands up in front of her in the shape of a heart. So he quickly put his hands up in a heart. The fans standing around her, seen him do this and did the same back to him. He just laughed.

They weren't even halfway down the hall when the front doors opened again. They could hear the fans screaming and yelling at someone. A girl group came running in with trash in their clothes and hair. A manager of the girl group, yelled for help. Two of their own managers ran back. They followed to see what was going on.

They peeked around the corner like a bunch of kids. There were fans, pulling and pushing someone, someone grabbed the young singers hair and pulled it back, then someone punched her in the stomach, she hunched over in pain.

“She deserves what she gets.” The dark one said all of a sudden. The others all looked at him, “Look what she's doing to our little brother.”

The managers pushed everyone away from her. One of her managers picked her up and carried her in.

“Put me down!” She kicked her legs out and her manager let her slip out of his arms. She straightened her outfit and tried to fix her hair. She pushed her way through them. When she got to the maknae, she stopped and looked up at him. He just rolled his eyes away. She slapped him. Her manager grabbed her by the shoulders and shoved her forward.

The guys gathered around him, asking him if he was okay, examining the red mark on his face. Telling him to stay away from her.

yaaaasssss, sick the hounds on her. make her suffer 😂😂
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