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I walk into the bathroom. It was empty. I begin playing with the sink and running water. Then suddenly the lights went out. I began to panic.
Then I felt some ine put their arms around me. I knew it was Namjoon due to his cologne.

"It's not wise to waste water. Speaking of wetness. Let me get to work for you get all dry again." Namjoon said in a husky voice.

"I'm never dry papi..especially around you." I whisper.

"Ah you talk like a grown woman but lets see if you can take this..."

Namjoon bent me overand ripped off my thong. He smacked my butt and then entered me. I groaned as I felt his length and width fill me. I only had sex once before him. It was low key rape cuz I was drunk and I don't remember it. Thats another story.

"Namjoon.." I gasped.

He spanked me hard. "Namjoon is not here. You know what to call me."

" are too big." I gasped.

He began slowly plunging in and out me. I moaned louder and he covered my mouth. Then he picked up pace and stuck his fingers and my mouth. He yanked my hair and groaned as I sucked on his fingers.

As my body adjusted I began throwing it back on him. He groaned. "Yass baby girl throw it back."

He began rubbing my nub as we moved to our own rhythm. All I could hear was flesh slapping and groans in the dark.

He picked me up and we crashed on the black velvet couch. We began kissing. I could taste the strawberry cheesecake he had for dessert. It was so sweet.

"Ride your papi." He said in a throaty tone.

I slowly ease some of him inside me and moving up and down. He groaned in my ear while licking it. I picked up oace causing the sofa to creek. Namjoon moaning got louder.

"Shit baby girl you a pro at this."

"You aint seen nothing yet." I groaned.

I shoved him on his back and took charge while allowing all of him to go deep inside me hitting all spots. He began pulling me in to kiss him. Suddenly I could feel fire inside me. I began coming.

"Papi I'm coming." I moaned.

"Shit me too baby." He said while pulling hard on me.

"Did you come inside me?" I gasped.

"I got a condom on baby." He gasped.

Suddenly the lights come on and Jimin eyes were wide as hell.

"Yall un here fucking. Yoongi was right. The leader and his wife is looking for you all." Jimin hissed.

My face was red. "Um...ain't this the ladies room?"

"Oh you are concerned now? No this is unisex." Jimin said.

Namjoon and I quickly clean up. He leaves before me with Jimin. When I walk in 3 mins later Jimin and Yoongi smiles at me. Then I walk to Namjoon so can chat with these people.

I'm at the club working at the bar. I was supposed to dance but the boss told me no. I was pissed cuz I love dancing and that's a loss on money. My sister heard about it and she grabbed me and took me to the third floor so I could dance.

I got on the stage. Everything was going well. Then suddenly the lights went out and music went out. Then someone grabbed me into the hallway.

I looked and it was Namjoon. He was super pissed but so was I. I pushed him away and he looked at me with those cold eyes and yanked my arm pullling me again. I yanked away and began yelling at him.....

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OOOOhhhhh my what happened? Oh shit, oh shit. They heard them they had to omg, I gots to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gettin freaky in the bathroom, aye!!!!!
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@FromBlue2U But I wouldn't think that he would object. Plus I wanna know what was said after their fuck session