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Myungsoo Moments
Hello Inspirits! It's Melissa with Myungsoo Week. For my day, I'm sharing some of my favorite L Showtime moments. Let's get started...
The first one comes from episode 3. It is where Myungsoo is acting like a Batista. Its super cute and funny. Myungsoo is showing his acting talents. The bonus is his killer smile.
This moment is from episode 1. The members had to get supper at a convenience store. What I love about this moment is how it shows how kind Myungsoo is.

Well that's all for this week's Myungsoo Moments! I hope you all enjoyed it. Do you have a favorite Myungsoo moment on Showtime Infinite?

Why is he so cute!?!
6 months agoยทReply
@sukkyongwanser That's a good question ๐Ÿ˜€
6 months agoยทReply
I don't mean to laugh cause I loved him as a barista and he's so cute but the Batista autocorrect makes me giggle ๐Ÿ˜‚
6 months agoยทReply
@xoxorittie That's okay. I hate autocorrect sometimes
6 months agoยทReply
He's in the drama I'm currently watching.
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