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The spring carnival, has come to town. My favorite time of year, the weather is getting warmer, you can wear light clothing and of course my favorite thing to do is the Spring Carnival. I was looking forward to the years carnival, since I was actually able to have my own boothe to sell my famous kimbap rolls. Every here loved them and I was excited to have them at the carinval. I need to go shooping and get the items I need ti make them and get plates and napkins to serve them at the carnival. To the store I go.
(Heading back home)... I never realized how much items I need to get to make these rolls, but it will be great, and I will have a lot of fun. Oh look at the time, I need to hurry home and get these rolls made and get to the carnival so I can set up my boothe. I am glad that Lisa said she would help me.
(At the carnival, setting up the boothe)...
"Lisa, you're here! Thank you so much on helping me out!"
"No problem, I love your rolls and since, you said you would give me some, if I helped, I was more then glad to participate."
"Thank you, here place these on the table."
We set up the boothe with the rolls, paper plates and napkins. I was gettin really excited since the carnival would start soon. I asked Lisa, if she would watch the boothe, while I walked around and see what other boothes and entertainment there was at the carnival, before it opened.
I started walking around the carnival site, when I heard the playing of a guitar and a sweet, voice singing. I stopped to listen from where the voice was coming from. I turned around to a tent who's opening was barely opened. I walked closer and I could hear the voice and the guitar. I was mesmerized by the voice. I peeked into the tent to see a tall, man with black hair, playin the guitar and singing. I listened for a while. Then, the playing stopped, I looked and he was walking toward the entrance of the tent. I ran and hid behind a stall and watched as he looked both ways to see who was at the tent entrance. After he went back in the tent, I walked back to my boothe. Lisa ran up to me and asked if I was alright. I answered yes. I notice the time and snapped myself back to reality. I need to get a hold of myself, but I could not forget his voice, that sweet, voice.
The carnival was now open. I could not believe, how many people were lined up to get my rolls. Lisa and I were having a hard time keeping up. I was happy they were selling, but I never realized how fast they would sell.
"Next in line please." I said
"Can I have a dozen rolls," the voice asked. I know I heard that voice before. I look up to him. It was him the man with the guitar and the sweet voice. I could not believe that I was actually looking at him. He looked even more handsome and cute in person.
"Can I have a dozen rolls please," he asked. Lisa handed him the rolls and took the money.
"Sorry she said to him. She must be in a daze, from seeing such a cute guy as yourself," as she nudges me on the side.
"Oh, I am sorry. You said a dozen right." I then noticed that he already had his rolls in his hand and was turning to walk away. I watched him as he walked away and turned out of eyesight.
" What is wrong with?" Lisa asked. I explained to her about seeing him in the tent singing and playing his guitar, while I was walking around earlier. I explained to her how I was mesmorized by his voice. Lisa said I should go look for him and talk to him. I explained to her I was scared to.
The carnival had come to a close for the day, I wondered if I would see him again. I looked around and did not see him. Almost everyone has left the carnival and I still did not see him. I gathered up my things to leave.
(The next day).... I was at the carnival site early and had everything set up. Lisa gets there and walks up to me. I tell I was going to walk around for awhile.
I walk to where I saw him yesterday, but the tent was not there. I could not believe he was not coming back. Why did I not ask him his name yesterday? Why did I not go after him, like Lisa said? I will not see him again. I slowly walk back to the boothe.
I get to the boothe and could not believe my eyes, it was him. I get closer and I realize it really was him. I get to the boothe and walk to be face to face with him.
"Can I help you, I ask?"
"I came to get some more of your rolls. They were really good."
I handed him some of the rolls, "No charge," I say.
"Thanks," he replied and start walking away. Lisa gestered for me to go after him. As I watch him go in the distance, I realize this was my only chance. I run towards him, as I get closer, I realized he was coming back. I stopped in my track. He he walked up to me and asked if I would like to go out with him. I was excited, I said yes. We would meet the next day and spend time at the carnival together. I ran back to the boothe, smiling. Lisa just smiled back at me. I told her he asked me out for tomorrow. She said she would watch my boothe.
(The next day).....
I was excited about gettin to the carnival. I helped Lisa set up the boothe. The carnival would begin soon. I looked and watched for OneJunn. Here he comes, I was like a little kid, getting her favorite toy for Christmas. He asked if I was ready. I nodded, yes. He grabbed my hand and we left.
We played games, ate food and talked. We rode the rides at the carnival and took silly pictures. We were actually having alot of fun. I did not realize how much time and pass by, I needed to get back to the boothe and check on Lisa. He understood, so we headed back to the boothe. At the boothe Lisa was swamped. I started to help her and OneJunn was helping with orders and taking money. We were now working side by side. I did not want this night to end. The carnival was closing and everyone was cleaning up and leaving. I looked at OneJunn and he said he had to go. I nodded okay. He walked away. He turned around and asked if I wanted to see him tomorrow. I said yes.
We saw each other everyday at the carnival. He would help with my boothe and then we would walk around and spend time together. He would bring his guitar and sing to me as we looked out into the ocean. I was happy for once in my life. I was to happy and thought how could this last. I felt there would be an end, I just did not know when.
The spring season was ending and summer was around the corner. This was the last day of the carnival. I was excited since I was going to see OneJunn again today. I hurried to the carnival and set up the boothe and waited for OneJunn to arrive.
The carnival had strated and OneJunn was not at my boother yet. I wondered if he had gotten tied up at the entrance or maybe he had to play and sing. I did not know what had happened to him, but I thought he will be here. It was almost closing time for the carnvial and I still have not heard from OneJunn, I started to anxious and sad. I thought of all these bad thing that could have happended to him. It was now closing time, which meant it was the last day of spring. I started cleaning and packing up my boothe. As I was packing, someone tapped me on the shoulder. I looked and to my surprise it was OneJunn. I just hugged him and held him tight. I was relieved to see him and that he was okay.
"I have something to tell you. I am sorry I did not come earlier. I just could not bare to see you be sad. I did not know how to tell you earlirer that I was leaving. I knew that I was leaving once spring was over. I knew I would leave for the military, I just liked you so much to tell you. I want you to know that I will always remember you and the time we shared. I will never forget the fun we had together. I made this for you." he handed me a CD. "I have to go." and he turned and walked away. I watched as he started running. I was waiting for him to look back or to run back to me, but he kept running. It started raining. I was numb I could not move. I could feel the water running down my face. I was glad that it was raining. I was glad that noone would see the tears rolling down my face. I cried, while watching him fading farther away from me, and realized this was my spring fling.

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Wow! Its very good
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