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Who: Reader x Oh Mintaek
What: AU/ Smut (+18 )
Story: The Mark binds you to him so no matter where he goes he can find you. After three years of freedom he comes to take you back.
Digit's POV

Digit looked around at the Wolves that were talking in front of him. They had put him in a cell while the others argued that he could've been a trap set by Vampires, while another side argued that he was a child and didn't deserve to be put in the cells. Another side argued that he was a risk to them for much different reasons. Mintaek was protective of Digit during his capture and that had them worried that Vampires, the prince of Vampires no less, would be coming for them with fire blazing. It wasn't until Myung Joon came down into the holding cells that they all stopped talking. Digit hadn't said a word since he was brought here and he didn't even fight them which was why they believed that he was a trap, he was too calm. Digit knew that Janera had sent him to be with Y/n and Mintaek for a reason, she gave him a new family after the loss of his old one. He didn't doubt Janera's truth he was just unsure of where this path was leading him now. He hoped that Y/n would be able to find him. She was probably upset and believed she should've left him at the Society. Not unless Janera showed her something, told her how things really would be and that everything was actually okay and that she didn't need to worry about a thing.

Myung Joon approached the cell in silence but his regal and powerful prescene was enough to make Digit feel intimidated. He only remembered seeing the King a few times but his parents worked for him, quite closely too. Digit bowed his head knowing how to show respect to his Wolf King. Myung Joon looked down at him in silence for a long while and then turned to the guard.

"Let the boy out." he said.


"Let. Him. Out." he growled deeply and powerfully.

The guard hesitated no more. He quickly scrambled to find the right key and he unlocked the cell. Digit looked up at Myung Joon and he gave him a hard look. Digit didn't fear Myung Joon he respected him in a way that he wasn't sure if the others Wovles here did. He was taught the power and the strength of the Wolf King. He was scary for a reason and no one went against him for a reason, no matter how much they didn't agree with him.

"Come boy." he said.

Digit nodded and stood up. He walked behind Myung Joon, he wondered how long he was in the cell, an hour? Two? They had been arguing for so long he'd tuned them out. He found Y/n and Mintaek's arguments far more entertaining. At least he knew how they ended but the Wolves arguments seemed to have been going in circles it was almost tormenting. Digit's small legs had him running up behind Myung Joon every few seconds just to catch up. They had been walking a while in silence and he'd seen Wolves come out to see them walking with each other. They were headed towards the Mansion, his bedroom was in the Mansion, his parents stayed there. He thought about his mother kissing his head before he went to sleep. Y/n did the same, they had the same loving spirit. His father had a strong spirit, he was a warrior and that's why he was an amazing guard for the King. Myung Joon finally reached Digit's bedroom and opened it for him. He looked down at Digit who was staring in at the light blue walls but the midnight blue ceiling. His window that gave him full view of the moon when it appeard. Earth's Moon came out for longer and made him feel powerful for longer. He liked it but he wasn't exactly weak here either. Digit looked up at Myung Joon.

"You know what the Vampires plans are for the triple eclipse?" he said.

Digit shook his head,

"We never talked about that. They never mentioned it around me." he answered.

"Go inside." Myung Joon told him.

Digit walked into the room and looked back at Myung Joon.

"I knew your parents." he said.

Digit nodded, his parents were dead for four months not ten years. He hadn't forgotten where he came from or what his father did for the King. He hadn't forgotten his mother's position just as high as his father's, both warriors, both equals. Both special and powerful, both trusted by the King. They were honorable Wolves. Digit had the sinking feeling that he was about to be trained at the same level as his parents. He had confidence that he could make it, Hyun Jung let him test out his abilities weilding a sword and he was good with it.

"They were gifted fighters and my most trusted warriors. I give you my condolences for your loss." he said.

Digit nodded,

"Thank you my King." he said softly bowing his head.

"They've taught you well I see."

Digit looked up and bit back the smile that almost came over his face. Myung Joon entered his room and closed the door behind him. He lifted Digit on his bed and he knelt down before him.

"Why did the Vampires let you live?" he asked.

"Y/n." he said.

Myung Joon looked at him confused. The name meant nothing to Myung Joon but it meant everything to Digit now. She was the only mother he had now, he loved her and Mintaek. It was taking him a moment to warm up to him, he was fighting against his nature as a Vampire to hate Wolves but Digit wasn't yet trained with that instict. He knew some of the reason but he wasn't attached to the same hate the Myung Joon and Mintaek would have against each other.

"Who is Y/n?" he asked.

Myung Joon's brows furrowed and his yellow eyes seemed threatening but Digit felt no fear. These were the eyes of the Wolf King, the eyes of a ruler, level with his, speaking to him alone in his room. He was freed from a cell by him and brought back to his room. He was being spoken to directly by the King. This was a honor no criminal or commoner got. Digit straightend up and said,

"She is of two worlds here and Earth. She is Fae and Human. She is my new mother." Digit spoke openly.

Myung Joon narrowed his eyes on Digit but Digit had nothing to hide nor anything to fear. He spoke as truthfully as Janera did. It seemed the time he had spent with her had rubbed off more than he expected or even realized. Myung Joon straightend up,

"What is a Fae doing with a Vampire? Have they captured her?"

Digit thought for a moment, in the beginning he was sure Y/n felt like she was captured. He was even there when she was still fueding with him, when she was still upset about having his Mark without having asked or even consenting to it. She hated it for a while but she had a lot more power over Mintaek than anyone ever knew or understood. Digit had seen a bad future, the future where the world burned, he knew that it would be a bad thing to paint the Vampires as even more of an evil race than the Wolves already believed. The Grand Elders had spared him because of both Mintaek and Y/n's protection but if the Wolves started a war, if the Fae were to get involved for the sake of Y/n all three races died in Mintaek's fire. The little girl that he would meet would never be born. The little girl that Janera had promised was his future, he thought of her as a playmate but Janera said it would grow into something much more, something quite beautiful. He already felt a sense of loyalty to her, to keep her alive or to make sure that she was born in the first place. Mintaek's burn on the world could never happen, a lot was at risk even for Digit.

"She bares the Mark of Prince Oh Mintaek." he answered.

"And you claim her as your mother? A Fae that sides with a Vampire? Have you no sense?" he said standing up appalled at Digit.

"I was trapped in a wall with Janera for three months dealing with the death of my family. Chimera attacked us, they killed them and I got away by hiding behind the wall but I had no way out. It was because of Y/n that I'm out of the wall, it is because of Janera I know the truth my King. I do not disown my Wolf heritage by claiming her as my mother. She's allowed me to embrace it more. The Grand Elders of the Society will not touch me because of her claim over me. Her's and the Princes." Digit said.

Myung Joon looked down at him for a moment. Digit had a smile on his face, that of pure innocence to believe he was safe in the arms of people his King believed was his enemy. Truthfully he knew, he was probably safer with Y/n and Mintaek than he was with Myung Joon right now. Myung Joon knelt down again and looked him in the eyes. Digit looked back at him but straightend his face, he didn't look hard in the face but he wasn't smiling any more either. Myung Joon spoke,

"The Vampires in control can not touch you?" he asked.

Digit shook his head,

"She is to be Queen, even Janera says it is to be. She is the reason for unity."

"Unity." he scoffed a laugh.

Myung Joon stood up and walked to the other side of the room,

"There is no such thing as untiy in this world either your represent one of the three cities or you are casted out. Like those that are Earth bound and never to return."

"Are you saying you'd have me Earth bound?" Digit asked.

"No, you'd be of no use to me then. What did you see while you were in the Society?"

"The training grounds, the council for only a moment, their room and the Library. She spent time there researching."

"Researching what?" Myung Joon asked.

"Everything. We often visited Janera though."


"For the truth. She wanted the truth. I've seen it and I wanted her to see it. If you go to Janera you can see it as well. You'd be able to learn the future that is to come." he said.

"You believe in this Janera?" Myung Joon said looking down at him.

Digit gave him another innocent smile,

"The future that she showed me is beautiful, the world that is built because of her, because of the unity, it's something no side could ever imagine."

Myung Joon looked down at him as if he wasn't sure he wanted to believe what he was saying. He was a child after all but Y/n had believed him but she had a little more reason to listen to him. Myung Joon looked like he didn't like the way he was speaking. As if the very notion of a unity was heracy. Digit sat there and swallowed for a second. He knew the waters he was tredding in were dangerous but he also knew what was to come. The future didn't end here because his King would be too caught in his hate to listen to him. He could try again and again, he would break through to him.

"We found Wolves conspiring with Vampires to start a war between the two kinds. There's a force at work here Digit I assure you but it is not some legend that guards the domains of life and death. I will consider sparring the girl but the Vampires will die for sending the Chimera after my warriors. They will die before the Eclipse should arrive." he said.

Myung Joon walked out locking the door behind him. Digit stood up absolutely baffled at the quick order. Oh no, what would happen, it would take time for them to assemble their warriors and create a war plan. Y/n still hasn't been to the Fae to master her power. He wanted Janera to be with him now or if Y/n could've been with him and project Janera's truth or use a spell, something! He was now locked in his room, the cell wouldn't be his prision this would be. He needed to get to Y/n or maybe it wasn't Y/n he needed to get to. What was he supposed to say to the King to get him to hear him out? What was he supposed to do to stop the fight before it began. Surely if the Wolves didn't accomplish their goal the Vampires would strike back, he kept thinking about the world going into flames, he remembered the cries of rage coming from Mintaek. Y/n was his balance but she was this worlds balance too. They all needed her power in some form. The world that she sprouted, the desert that had become greenery, the water that had become clear. She had constructed a world that was closer to Utopia than anyone had ever created. This world needed the Fae, their power to make nature flourish and grow, the way they kept the water cleansed, they needed her power for balance. This was not where everything ended. Digit laid back on his bed and thought, he thought hard and long until his eyes closed and he slept. For hours and hours.

"Pst. Pstt."

He heard in his ear,

"Digit wake up." a whisper came.

Digit opened his eyes slowly with a small groan. He stretched his small arms and legs with a little puppy whine and then looked at the person whispering to him. Y/n's smiling face met his.

"Y/n!" he smiled.

She chuckled,

"Alright keep your voice down buddy. Are you okay?" she asked.

He nodded,

"Yeah but how are you here, have you mastered it?" he touched her.

"You're solid too." he said.

"Yeah it turns out when I make a postion to power boost me it gives me the full jump. Unfortunately, the thing doesn't last as long as it takes to make. Listen to me Digit, I know this is a bit heavy on you but Janera has a plan and so do I." she said.

He smiled,

"I knew it didn't end like this. Y/n, Myung Joon wants to go to war with the Vampires before the triple eclipse happens. I don't know how to stop them."

"Damn that was quick."

"He said there was a Vampire and some Wolves conspiring; they sent the Chimera after my family."

Y/n looked at him sadly and nodded,

"I know,"

She cupped his cheek,

"But don't worry I killed him. He's not going to hurt anyone else anymore." she said.

She hugged him and he felt so much comfort from her arms wrapped around him it was like his mother was back and hugging him before he slept.

"Okay I need you to listen carefully. I need you to get the King to go to Janera. Tell him I will be waiting for him there, I will meet him alone so long as he meets me with you alone. We will go and speak to Janera together and you will stay outside. We have to get him to see the truth, the future we plan to build because if we don't-"

"I know. I know what happens." Digit said.

She looked at him troubled but kissed his forehead.

"He needs to be at Janera before the sun goes down. Digit you're our hope okay. You can do it." she smiled.

He smiled back at her and she kissed his nose before she had phased out. Figures she'd use a potion to get to him but it was smart. She was exactly what he needed to believe that he could do this and he was happy she had come. Digit went to his door and shifted into a Wolf, his door was strong enough to resist even his parents attacking in their wolf form but this was bound to get someone's attention. He started slashing his paws into the door and he howled as he did. He beat the floor with his paws and then attacked the door again. He made it a pattern continuously doing this even after a few guards had banged on the door and told him to shut up. He continued anyway making his howls sound even more painstaking than before. Finally, the door opened and he quickly shifted back into his child form. He backed up quickly at his stalking King coming into his room in a rage at the noise he had been making. Digit bowed his head while his King's eyes glowed in fury,

"Who are you to continue to make sure a fuss? I give you your room as a cell to stay and you act ungrateful?"

"It is not ungratefulness that makes me act in such a manner my King. It is my mother, she has power, she can project herself from place using her mind. Her power is great and she's come to me to help you understand what I've told you." he said.

"Your mother? The girl with the Vampire Prince's Mark?" he seethed.

Digit nodded. Myung Joon scoffed and headed for the door. Digit quickly ran in front of him and stood before him.

"Before the suns goes down she wants to meet you at Janera. She will be there alone she wants you and me to go. She will take you to Janera. They can show you that what we speak is not insanity but reality." he said.

"Get out of my way." he growled.

"You said my parents were your greatest warriors. They fought by your side loyaly and they never turned their backs on you. They were just about the only Wolves in this entire community that dared to challenge you when you were wrong. My father was your friend, my mother has cooked for you and she's taken risks for you. You trusted my parents why should you not trust me?"

"Trust a child that's been curppted by the enemy?"

"A child that is far more open to reality than you are at the moment my King. I respect you and your authority and your power. We are not looking to take that away but to restore the world to the beauty it once was. You've lived long enough to remember what it was like. Do not let your fear and hatred cloud your better judgement. If I am wrong you two will kill each other anyway but if I'm right you will have saved lives that do not need to be taken. I'm asking you to trust me, the son of your trusted friends. I am of their blood, I hold their same honor, I have done nothing to lose it or tarnish it. My new mother is Fae and Human she will give us a world far more beautiful than you can ever describe you merely need to open your eyes and go. Please I beg of you don't waste lives that don't need to be taken or the world will burn because of your stubborness. Please!" Digit cried out.

Myung Joon looked at the little boy in front of him, Digit was stood up with his arms spread wide huffing but he had the look of a pure Wolf in his eyes, they were yellow that followed the same passion as Myung Joon's fury. Digit was a child but his innocence wasn't something to be mocked or over looked. As a Wolf he took truth as it was, he was smart and Myung Joon knew that. Children spoke the truth no matter how harsh it was; Digit held back the bad so that he could get him out the door but Janera would show him it all and both Y/n and Digit believed in Janera enough to want him to see this truth, to believe that it would make a difference. Myung Joon sighed and looked like he might regret what he'd say next.

"Alright child," he knelt down to look Digit in the eyes.

"I will go to your Janera and see what you want me to see but if I am to be led into a trap you will have to pay with your life before I go. Are you willing to risk that?"

"More than." he said.

Myung Joon smiled,

"You are your mother's son." he laughed.
Myung Joon led them out and told his guard to hold all the troops until he got back. Digit couldn't believe he did it now he just had to put his hope into Janera and Y/n.

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