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Bringing another chapter out of the woodwork. lol. I'm slowly getting back to writing, Yey!
Keri’s view Tae had dragged Layla out of the room making me laugh with how that boy wanted some alone time with her. “What did you bring?” Jimin asked taking one of the drinks out of the tray. Yoongi was just getting through with Namjoon and hobi and was walking over to me now. He looked smug as he approached and pulled Jimin off of me making me laugh as he pulled me closer to him. “Get your own girl, this ones mine chim chim” Yoongi said which prompted Jimin to stick his tongue out at Yoongi and made me laugh. “You tried those new recipes you got didn’t you?” Yoongi turned his attention back to me. “Yup, I had that english recipe book I bought, I tried out a fried shrimp recipe, Teriyaki chicken, and fried rice. They're all mixed up so I don’t know which is which” I told him. “There supposed to be chinese dishes which is different, and not at all the chinese dishes I’m used to seeing, but american recipes” I shrugged. “Making me try new things” Yoongi chuckled shaking his head. “Chicken? You said chicken?” Kooki said coming closer. “You really like your meat” I shook my head as a double meaning slammed home and a blush tinted my cheeks at the random though.
“Protein!” Kooki exclaimed as he dug through the bag of containers and pulled one out that he opened to reveal chicken. He took it and went to go sit down cross legged and started digging into his food like a lil boy who was starving. “He is just so adorable” the words slipped out of my mouth as I stared at him. “Than what am I?” Yoongi whispered next to my ear. I slanted a look at him. “You are sexy as sin” I told him. “What are you two doing over there?” Namjoon slapped a hand on Yoongi’s back grabbing his attention and mine as he snaked his other hand in to grab a cup of coffee. “Nothing” I said offering him a bento box but he shook his head. “I’m good, coffee is good for me right now” Namjoon said. “Alright” I nodded. Yoongi took the bag and handed it over to Jimin than grabbed the remaining tray of drinks and took several steps away from me to put it on the table by the wall. “We’ll be back” Yoongi said taking my hand. “Be back in an hour” Namjoon called out as we left the room. “Didn’t you want food?” I asked realizing he left all of the stuff in the room with the boys. “ I’m hungry for something else” Yoongi said making me blush again. We passed several rooms before he got to the office he normally uses in the studio. “I’m not about to have sex with you here am I?” I questioned raising a brow. “Is that a challenge?” he inquired. His was dangerously close and his body flush against mine. A knock came to the door and all of a sudden yoongi cursed pulling away from me. The door opened and in walked kooki. “Im interrupting you” he grinned. “Yes, so leave” yoongi growled. “Hmm since my girlfriend didn't come I'm stealing time with my second best girl” kooki sand as he put an arm over my shoulders. After yoongi grumbled a bunch kooki sat down and started talking about their latest album coming out. In a week he was both excited and sad that the world tour was taking place.

A successful c* block. lol
😂😂😂 Oh the timing of Kookie.
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oh kookie...too cute for words lol