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The guys being protective of their maknae, kept him in the center as they left the meeting. That girl tried to follow but she was pulled away by her members. They were upset with her and told her to leave him alone.

“How could you be like that?” one asked in disbelief, “What's the matter with you?”

“Yah, if you're that desperate for a man, we can find you one that's more compliant. That one is too wild for you.” Another said and laughed, “I can spare a couple hundred won for one.”

The young singer sneered at them, “Shut up. You don't know what I've been through to get him.”

“God, is it really worth all the embarrassment, not only for yourself but those around you? I feel sorry for him to have someone like you chasing after him. It's pathetic!”

They all agreed. She started to cry, she covered her face and sobbed. Their manager came and took her to the bathroom to be alone.

She washed her face but couldn't stop crying. She pounded her fists against the sink. Cursing that woman for what she's done.

“I don't know what you're doing but it looks like it's backfiring on you. You better stop.” She heard from the door. Her manager was waiting for her, “If you want to keep this job, you better stop.” Then she heard the door close.

When she came out, she looked at her manager, her eyes still red, “Will it be okay if I just leave for today? They don't need me for anything and it's just practice sessions.”

He nodded his head and left.

She found a way out of the company without being seen. She wandered over to that building, the only building she knew she would have been able to find that woman. She leaned against a wall and waited.

At some point, she fell asleep. She was awaken when someone offered her a dollar. She shook her head, waved at them to go away.

She sat watching the front door. She seen someone that looked familiar come out carrying a box and put it into the trunk of a waiting car. Then they went back in. She got up and casually walked over and pretended to be reading the flyers on a nearby wall. When she seen her again, she realized it was that make-up artist, that woman's friend. When that woman's friend went back in, she ran down to the main street.

She flagged a taxi. She got in the back and told the driver to wait for her friend a little blue car to pull out.

When the little blue car pulled into the street, the taxi pulled out right behind it. They traveled across the city into the Hongdae district. The little blue car pulled into a parking garage. She told the driver to just drop her off in front.

She paid the driver and got out. She stared at the front door, it was made of stained glass depicting a peacock and flowers. Two stories high but long. The parking garage was to the side and was only accessible with a key code. She walked up to the front door, but like the parking garage, was only accessible with a key code too.

There was no way for her to get in. No one came out the whole time she sat outside. The little blue car hadn't left either. She went across the street to the bus stop and waited for the next bus. She had something, the woman's friend either lived here or something. Was that woman here too. She wanted to find out but she was exhausted. She would call that manager and have him look into it. The bus came and she got on. She stared at the building, memorizing the address.


“When did you notice her?” Noona asked as she looked out the window, watching the bus pull away.

“When I got to your place, she was sleeping on the street. I had to sneak over to be sure it was her. I didn't think she was going to follow me all the way here, uuugh, I should have just gone home.” Her friend said.

“No it's okay. Don't worry about it. Then she'd be bothering you. What worries me is that she'll probably call the manager.” She walked over to her laptop, there were messages pouring in for comments left on her post. She sat down and answered,

“I will let you all know if it happens again. Oppa is safe, for now.”