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"What the fuck Namjoon?!" I yell

"C'mon Jessamine!" Namjoon yelled.

"You got me fucked up! I'm not your child. I'm a grown ass woman."

"You are mine. I will be damned if my woman is up there shaking her ass. What the fuck I look like." Namjoon said

"I'm not anyone's property nor am I your wife."

"If I asked you would you say yes?" Namjoon blurted.

"Look you messing with my coins Namjoon."

Now we outside the club in the parking lot for VIP. I'm outside half naked and it is cold as fuck outside since it is December. Namjoon began pacing. I never seen him so mad.

"If you need money baby I got you. What you want you can have." His voice was normal tone.

"I don't need you to give me anything Namjoon. I pay for what I want."

"I don't want you fancing anymore. I told your boss to take you off the stage. My uncle owned this club but he gave it to me 2 weeks ago."

"Look I'm cold and pissed off that you think you can do whatever the fuck you feel like doing without even talking to me about it."

Namjoon grabbed me. I would have slapped him but thr warmth of his body felt good plus he smelled good. He hugged me close. I could hear his heartbeat.

"Baby please...would you..I know you don't need me for anything. But I need you....I need you to let me love you." He said in a sincere tone.

"Well when you put it like that Namjoon. Fine. I will stop dancing but I still want to work at the bar." I said.

"Fine I can deal with that for now." Namjoon smiled and kissed me.

Kardi ran outside screaming with 4 body guards. "Is you good?"

"Yeah we good Kardi." I said

"Naw..I know you own the club and you dating my lil sister and shit. But if I see you pulling on her like that again Imma come for your ass." She said while staring at Namjoon.

"My bad Kardi. It was a misunderstanding. It won't happen again." Namjoon said.

Namjoon and I were at my place. I had cooked for him and we were just chilling in my room after dinner. He shared some of his life stories with me. Then he asked me a strange question.

"The last time we had sex you were super tight. How many dudes you been with?"

"That is a strange question. Well you and..." I paused.

"What's wrong was I your first? If I was I would have neen gentle baby.."

I placed my finger on his lips. "Now I was low key raped when I was younger. All I remember was I ran away with Tina my foster sister away from my foster mom. Mrs. Sue next door was on vacation in South Korea. I had nowhere to go. Tina called over some guys they were a little older and we went to their house. These dudes had a house party and we drank all night. We both was drunk. Then everything is a blur. I woke up and my panties had blood in them and I was sore. I never told anyone. So I consider you my first." I smiled and kissed his forehead.

"Baby.." Namjoon said with a shocked look.

"You don't have to be sorry for me Namjoon. I'm over it."

"Well thanks for sharing that with me baby. You usually keep shit to yourself." Namjoon hugged me.

We began kissing and his phone rang. He ignored it and began kissing my neck and having his way with my breasts. The phone rang again. I pulled away.

"Babe answer it."

"No I'm with you." He leaned in and began kissing my lips again.

The phone rang again. I handed it to him while pulling down my shirt. He answerwd the phone. It was Yoongi on the phone and he sounded like he was upset. Namjoon hung up the phone and looked at me.

"Baby I gotta go and handle this. I'm sorry."

I smile and walk him to the door. I kissed him deeply. "Be safe papi."

He smiled showing those handsome dimples. "I will make it up to you."

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