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Leader of the Snake Terrorist Group, from Canaan.
With olive skin, piercing grey eyes and shoulder-length black hair, it’s no surprise that she’s one of sexiest villains out there. Alshua normally sports a black tube top, exposing her navel (one of her most attractive features), tight black pants and a dark trench coat, a fashion sense reminiscent of Kusanagi Motoko from Ghost in the Shell.
Alshua’s cold personality and absolute lack of remorse for any of her actions makes her one of the more dangerous villains out there, but not only that, she is very intelligent.
Keeping her body in tip-top shape is imperative for when she engages in combat, but it seems to be having an unprecedented effect: Alshua rocks her slender frame better than any other villain out there.
She normally has a fairly cold, neutral expression, but she does smirk on occasion, a tiny change in her expression capable of making anyone experience the strangest form of ambivalence: I don’t know whether I'm scared or attracted, maybe a bit of both, but I don’t care – I enjoy looking at her every turn I get.
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Loved this anime!!
It was great right!